This page is basically to keep this blog from becoming too much of a mess. So, as things are updated, I’ll put up new links here that will allow you to skip to a specific part in a given game-day.

Prologue (Day Zero)
with Rif and Killfith
Part One - The opening scene. Introduces Rif, Master V.E, and Master Rob.
Part Two - Introduces Lemmy, Zakk, and a pair of green, spike-haired dudes.
Part Three - Rif forges the first weapon of the game.
Part Four - A Summon Creature barges in and hurts V.E.
Part Five - Rif follows the Summon Creature and meets a mysterious kid.
Part Six - The kid is being picked on by the spike-haired dudes, so Rif steps in.
Part Seven - Introducing the Summon Creature Killfith.
Part Eight - Everyone sits at the table to figure things out.
Part Nine - Rif and Killfith fight, and by the end of it, he agrees to be partners.
Night Zero - with Killfith.
Night Zero - with Murno.
Night Zero - with V.E.

with Ritch and RUN-DOR
Part Five - Ritch’s meeting with the mysterious kid.
Part Seven - Introducing the Summon Creature RUN-DOR.
Part Eight - Everyone sits at the table to figure things out.
Part Nine - Ritch and RUN-DOR fight, and by the end of it, he agrees to be partners.
Night Zero - with Murno.
Night Zero - with RUN-DOR.
(Night Zero with V.E is the same as with Rif)

Day One
Side Quests - Including an introduction to Zenichi, a retired forester.

with Rif and Killfith
Part One - And so our adventurers learn how to disassemble a weapon.
Part Two - Murno collapses with a fever.
Part Three - Introducing Killfith to the Chief, and a dilemma involving a hammer.
Part Four - Collecting materials in Manig Mine and a bridge collapses.
Part Five - Our duo learn something about what it means to be partners.
Part Six - The fight to get the Kicker Fruit.
Part Seven - A confrontation with Lemmy.
Part Eight - Delivering the medicine to Murno.
Night One - with Killfith.
Night One - with Lemmy.
Night One - with Murno.
Night One - with V.E.

Day Two
Side Quests - Including a kid who gives you a potato dumpling.

with Rif and Killfith
Part One - Murno’s new outfit so she can introduce herself to the Chief.
Part Two - Zakk tells Rif and Killfith about a Stray blocking the road that leads to town.
Part Three - Rif and Killfith take a detour through Deikel Mine.
Part Four - Enter Aniki, also known as Jade the invincible.
Part Five - Quick encounter with the Goon and a discussion between Jade and V.E.
Part Six - The Goon steals Murno’s precious trinket.
Part Seven -  Visit to Bostaph's Workshop and the sinking feeling they're being followed...
Part Eight - Battle of wills with Sarge and a giant metal bulldozer.
Part Nine - So Sarge returns the demon stone and there's a lot of talking.
Part Ten - Battle with Aniki and setting tomorrow's match with V.E.
Night Two - with Jade.
Night Two - with Killfith.
Night Two - with Lemmy.
Night Two - with Murno.
Night Two - with V.E.

Day Three
Side Quests - Including a final conversation with the cat lover of Deikel Village.

with Rif and Killfith
Part One - Rif and Killfith prepare a weapon to show to V.E.
Part Two - Everybody leaves Deikel Village and starts to head for town.
Part Three - Introducing Tier, the adorable money-mongering road guide.
Part Four - A ferocious fire-breathing beastie blocks your path.
Part Five - A fight with Tier and one last con.
Part Six - The Smile Cottage Inn and Tier's mother.
Part Seven - Saving Tier from a couple of ill-mannered goons.
Part Eight - Bumping into Lemmy and Zakk on the way back to the inn.
Part Nine - Returning to the inn to be greeted by an argument.
Night Three - with Jade.
Night Three - with Killfith.
Night Three - with Lemmy.
Night Three - with Murno.
Night Three - with Tier.
Night Three - with V.E.

Day Four
Side Quests - Jade's quest to be added later.

with Rif and Killfith
Part One - Starting off towards the Town of Prosban.
Part Two - Arrival at the gates of the Town of Prosban.
Part Three - The Council of Gold and another clue about Murno's origins.
Part Four - Meeting the stoic Master Benson and the little helper Eliez.
Part Five - Taking Eliez to Lute Caves and a quick word from Zakk.
Part Six - A couple of spike-haired dudes pester you and Lemmy sorts things out.
Part Seven - Introducing the Pike of Steel and a quick drop-by from Tier.
Part Eight - An introduction of each of Murno's enemies.
Part Nine - Return to Benson's Workshop.
Night Four - with Jade.
Night Four - with Killfith.
Night Four - with Lemmy.
Night Four - with Murno.
Night Four - with Tier.
Night Four - with V.E.

Day Five
Side Quests - A whole bunch, including some Stray Extermination quests.

with Rif and Killfith
Part One - All seems peaceful so Jade sends you off on a mini-quest.
Part Two - The alarm bell rings but Murno's gone missing.
Part Three - Conversation with Velworen in the marketplace square.
Part Four - Trouble in Bayreat Forest when we come upon the Patrol Unit.
Part Five - Coming upon an injured Tier and spiking up the hurry-o-meter.
Part Six - Murno being bullied by some baddies deep in the Flawed Caves.
Part Seven - Beating up Gillan and an encounter with Lemmy.
Part Eight - Battle with the baddies and the summoning of Magdorad.
Part Nine - Confrontation by a waterfall.
Night Five - with Killfith.
Night Five - with Murno.

Day Six
with Rif and Killfith
Part One - Getting out of prison and bullied by the guards.
Part Two - Brought to be interrogated by a man named Tram.
Part Three - Gallahan tests Rif and Killfith to see if they really are Craftknights.
Part Four - Returning to the prison only to be sprung out moments later.
Part Five - Getting Killfith out of jail and breaking his handcuffs.
Part Six - Detour to Gallahan's workshop for supplies.
Part Seven - An encounter with Tier in Requiem's Submerged Ruins.
Part Eight - Next up: Jade and V.E.
Part Nine - Murno! ... Or is it?
Part Ten - And now a fight with...?
Part Eleven - Introducing Lord Nushi.
Part Twelve - Rif gets a chance to explain everything, and Anise has a slip of the tongue...
Part Thirteen - Setting up a match for tomorrow.
Night Six - with Killfith.
Night Six - with Murno.

Day Seven
Side Quests - For a limited time only, in Louise Village!

with Rif and Killfith
Part One - Getting ready to leave the workshop.
Part Two - Gallahan announces the conditions for the match before going in.
Part Three - Stepping inside Gumag's Blazing Ruins.
Part Four - The match between Tram and Rif finally begins.
Part Five - The aftermath of the match and the truth about Magdorad.
Part Six - Deeper in Gumag's Blazing Ruins, Tram tells the full story of the attack.
Part Seven - Magdorad goes berserk. How to prevent him from destroying the village?
Part Eight - Retrieving Anise from her cell... but where is the prison guard?
Part Nine - Battle between two titans: Phantom Dragon and Magdorad.
Part Ten - Departing Louise Village and cheerful farewells.
Part Eleven - Rif and friends found!
Part Twelve - Retelling of the story and a confrontation with Lemmy.
Part Thirteen - Hello to a few we haven't seen yet and returning to Benson's workshop.
Night Seven - with Jade.
Night Seven - with Killfith.
Night Seven - with Lemmy.
Night Seven - with Murno.
Night Seven - with Tier.
Night Seven - with V.E.

Day Eight
Side Quests - Ah, back to Prosban, how nostalgic...

with Rif and Killfith
Part One - Getting ready to talk at the Council of Gold.
Part Two - Meeting at the Council of Gold.
Part Three - Search Mode: Divide and Conquer.
Part Four - Zakk reveals Anise's whereabouts and Lemmy stares contemplatively.
Part Five - Pick your poison. I mean path.
Part Six - Rif learns to never accept cuddles from strangers.
Part Seven - Anise exposes her plans, sort of.
Part Eight - Freeing Killfith and Lemmy in peril.
Part Nine - Everyone's late to the party.
Night Eight - with Jade.
Night Eight - with Killfith.
Night Eight - with Lemmy.
Night Eight - with Murno.
Night Eight - with Tier.
Night Eight - with V.E.