Saturday, July 5, 2014

Night Eight - Lemmy

Lemmy: So you were here…
    -(blushing) Um…

Rif: What is it? Oh, how is your injury from when you were fighting Red Wing? Is it all right?

Lemmy: Ah, yeah, it’s already fine now.

Rif: Thanks for today, by the way. We were really saved thanks to you.

Lemmy: Ah… yeah…

Rif: Really, if you hadn’t come when you did, Anise really might have done me in for good.

Lemmy: Yeah… I suppose so. Um…

Rif: You know, if it was only me and my partner up against Red Wing, I don’t know if we would’ve had an edge.

Lemmy: Yeah, about that, I…

Rif: Not only that, but you were even able to persuade Bostaph…

Lemmy: It’s fine, just let me speak already!

Rif: Huh…? Go right ahead.

Lemmy: Anyway… I’m sorry.

Rif: What? You mean about how you saved us? Weren’t you listening to anything I said?

Lemmy: No, not that. I just meant about how you said Anise and her gang were really bad people!

Rif: Oh, I see! I get it now. I’m just glad you came around!

Lemmy: I just wanted to say that I was at fault. I shouldn’t have doubted you.

Rif: That’s right. Maybe from now on you’ll believe me a little more, huh?

Lemmy: Well, I suppose… I’ll think about it.

Rif: Hey, weren’t you apologizing a second ago? It’s because you’re always saying that kind of stuff that I can’t help but think you’re not being very honest with yourself.

Lemmy: … You know, I wouldn’t want you to get too cocky. Maybe I should do something about that…

Rif: N-no, that’s okay. I’ll be good.

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