Monday, February 28, 2011

Day Six, Part Four

(Side Conversation)
Rif: All righty! Once we beat this sword back into shape, he'll have to acknowledge we're Craftknights!

Killfith: True enough... but first of all, since we've already obtained a weapon, we could always...

Rif: Hey, don't start plotting over there!

(The two step up to the forge, cue a quick fade to black)

Rif: Okay, we're done! What do you think?

Gallahan: Hmm…
    -You certainly possess a good deal of skill, I see.

Rif: You think so? Heehee~

Gallahan: I don't know exactly what a Craftknight's work is, but this doesn't look any different from what a blacksmith might produce.

Rif: I told you, I'm a Craftknight!

Gallahan: In any case, while I tell Tram about my deductions, you shall be returned to the prison.

Rif: Come on, are you serious?

Gallahan: Now, return your hammer to me. I will replace this seal on you as well, Summon Creature.

Rif and Killfith: (downhearted) …

(Prison Cell)

Rif: A lot of time has already gone by, but Murno still hasn't come back yet...
    -Heyyy! Excuse me!

Prison Guard: What are you shouting about now?

Rif: Hey, Murno still hasn't…

(Sudden noise)

Rif: (!)

Prison Guard: WAUGH?!
    -What are you—?!

Rif: Huh?! Hey! What's going on?!
    -Earth to prison guard! What on earth just happened?!

(Another noise)

Rif: (?) Who's there? Murno?

???: Hey, you… I’ve got some bad news…

Rif: Who are you?

???: They’ve already settled on a punishment for that Murno girl.

Rif: Punishment...

???: Keep it down! Do you want us to be caught, or do you want me to get you out of there?

Rif: I want to get out of here!

???: Hold on... Just let me get this thing open...

Rif: What...?! Wait, tell me, why would you do this?

???: You want to know why...? You guys haven't actually done anything wrong, right?
    -Using innocent people as food for Lord Nushi leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

Rif: What do you mean, food for Lord Nushi?!

???: Ahh... Lord Nushi is what we call the Summon Creature that protects this village.
    -On the outskirts of this village is Requiem’s Submerged Ruins. The offerings are presented on the second floor down in the underground palace.

Rif: But you said they're going to feed him Murno, right? I'll never let that happen!

???: Calm down. Okay, I found the key and I'll open this door for you...
    -Your weapons and tools should be somewhere in this room, so grab them and get out of here.

Rif: Ah...! Thank you!

(Sound of a door unlocking)

Rif: (!) It's opened?

???: All right. Get out there and surrender to no one!

(Sounds of the mysterious helper fleeing the scene)

Rif: Cripes! He ran off!

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