Monday, January 24, 2011

Night Three - Tier

Tier: Here you are!

Rif: Ah, Tier…

Tier: All right, it’s great that I’ve found you! Now the two of us can have a conference!

Rif: By a conference, you wouldn’t mean about me being a poster girl…

Tier: Oh my! I know you must be really happy, but there’s no need to be shy!

Rif: I’m not being shy!
    -Sure, I’ll admit that I was a bit happy when you asked me to work as a Craftknight, but that’s because I thought you had recognized my skills.
    -But, being a poster girl… there’s no way I’d do that!

Tier: But then, are you saying the plans for the future I’ve built up for us already are no good?

Rif: Whaat?! Plans for the—how did it turn into that?!

Tier: First off, you and me will go to town, and the two of us will take down Stray Summons and help out townspeople…
    -And along the way, this adorable duo will spread publicity for this wonderful inn!

Rif: Wait a minute...

Tier: If we do that, lots of townspeople will come to our shop, because they’ll be so deeply moved by our repair work and such.
    -Once word gets around, the number of customers will rapidly increase!

Rif: Tha—that’s a pretty amazing plan, huh…

Tier: With the two of us working hard, we’ll make this establishment Lyndbaum’s number one inn. Right, Rif? ♥

Rif: Wow… Tier seems more and more like Master…

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