Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Five, Part One

Rif: (I know that Murno is still here and has decided not to leave town yet.)
    -(What I don't understand is why… and Killfith won't tell me, either.)
    -Man... what's the best thing to do...

Killfith: That girl… Even though I've already said there’s a swarm of enemies staying in this town, how long does she intend to linger here?

Rif: Yeah... and staying here thinking about it sure isn't helping things…

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Murno is being targeted. If we don’t get a move on, we’ll be sitting ducks!

Killfith: I am fed up with your useless chatter. If you don't want me to slap you, then hurry up!

Rif: So you are worried about Murno!

Killfith: (blushing) Like I said, if you don't want to be slapped for your useless babbling, then hurry up!

Jade: Yo, you're up. Do you guys wanna help out around here? Murno's already doing something right now.

Killfith: Murno is helping? What exactly are you making her do?

Jade: What’s with that tone? It's already been decided! Don't forget...
    -You're staying with us! It's natural you'd do a thing or two to help around here. Right, Master?

Holy crap he’s like a ninja!

Benson: ...

Rif: Eep! Since when have you been standing there?

Jade: V.E's already gone off to see Bostaph, and God knows where that Tier kid went...

(Enter Murno)

Murno: Um, Mr. Jade, I finished tidying up. If there's anything else I can do...

Jade: No, that's enough, thanks for helping out... nah, actually, I think I'll take you up on that offer. You mind doing me one more favor?

Killfith: She wasn't offering!

Murno: I don’t mind at all. What is it?

Jade: Not much. I know it's a pain, but could you do me a big one and keep Eliez company?

Murno: Of course... if it's just that, I would be glad to.

Jade: Thanks. You're a real life-saver.
    -Well? How about that? Do you guys mind helping out? Come on, speak up!

Killfith: Don't be an idiot. While we’re off doing whatever inanities you have planned, who’s going to protect Murno?

Jade: What did you say?!
    -Protect her from what? Eliez?! You think Eliez is going to attack Murno? What a funny joke, I didn't know you had a sense of humor.

Killfith: What was that, you cretin!

Murno: (annoyed) Killfith! Stop this right now! I'll be fine.
    -Besides, you're Rif's partner right now... so you should help her out.

Killfith: Murno…

Murno: Rif, please take care of Killfith... okay?

Rif: Uh... yeah...

Jade: (sweatdrop) Hey, it's fine if you don't want to tell me what's going on, but can I ask you to do something?

Rif: Uh... yeah...

Jade: I need you two to take this to the pawn shop.

Rif: Uh... yeah...

Jade: Don't gimme that kinda half-assed response! If I’m gonna hand you our valuable merchandise, you gotta at least sound like you’re not gonna be blown over by a strong breeze!

(Obtained Package from Jade!)

Jade: Watch it when you set out. These are some extremely delicate goods, so you gotta handle it with care.
    -If you shake it or swing it around while you're carrying it and it gets one little bump or scar, it'll be completely ruined. Therefore…

Rif: Ye—yes, sir!

Jade: You'll be fine just as long as you remember, absolutely no running. Anyway, the dealer at the pawn shop is waiting on this, so once you get to the street, just keep in mind—
    -No running, just hurry up and get there.

Rif: Ye—yes, sir!

Jade: Then get on your way!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's transport this package from Benson's workshop to the pawn shop dealer.

Killfith: Don't run but hurry up... that man is completely unreasonable...

Rif: But if we run, it seems like we might end up breaking it, and apparently the pawn shop dealer is waiting for us, so it should be fine so long as we don't run there.

Killfith: If you have the patience for it.

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