Monday, June 20, 2011

Night Seven - V.E

V.E: Oh for pity's sake…
    -What are you doing out here? Didn't I already say you could take it easy for the rest of the day?

Rif: But after eating the stew you made, I'm full of energy! Master’s stew is the best!

V.E: You guys were so hungry when you got back, I could practically see right through you. I'm glad I could whip something up for you.
    -Sorry you ended up with so many vegetables.

Rif: If it meant that Murno could get a little more meat, I don't mind. Besides, I just felt like coming out here and patrolling a bit…

V.E: By patrolling, you wouldn't mean that you're looking for Anise's comrades, are you?

Rif: Of course! I know for sure they're going to target Murno again!

V.E: Sounds like you're trying to beef up this town's security all by your lonesome. But is that really necessary?

Rif: Yeah... but, with just me…

V.E: You never go half-way with anything, do you? It’s just like that cat Randy we used to feed way back.

Rif: What on earth does that cat have to do with this?!

V.E: Everything! Because both of you suddenly disappeared! Who do you think has to worry when something like that happens?

Rif: I—I see... I'm sorry…

V.E: So at the very least, be good and stay home for tonight. Tomorrow we'll explain the situation to everyone.

Rif: Yeah... it's just that whenever I start to think about this stuff, I can't get to sleep…

V.E: If that's all, then you should just snuggle up with me and I could sing you a lullaby. In fact, I can think of a really good rock 'n' roll lullaby—

Rif: Umm... somehow I don't think that would help me fall asleep…