Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Five, Part Five

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Those three must have chased Murno deeper into Bayreat Forest. We have to hurry!

Killfith: Aren't you still puzzling over whether or not you will protect Murno?

Rif: Killfith...
    -You can babble all you want after we've found Murno! Let's just go!

Further along, we find V.E and Jade, with Tier panting on the ground.

Rif: Ah! Tier! You...!

Tier: Rif... Killfith...

Rif: What about Murno?! Where is she?!

Tier: I don't know...

Killfith: Quit screwing around! How can you not know?! What the hell did you—

V.E: That's enough, Killfith! Calm down!

Tier: I... how did it even come to this...
    -I told her it was dangerous. I don't know what Murno was thinking... that's why—I was just trying to help...!

Rif: Tier…

Tier: We found where everyone else was, but almost as soon as we got there, these three people all dressed the same started coming after Murno, so she ran to escape from them.

Jade: Three people? The same three that were helping us exterminate that Stray?

Tier: Yeah... I was really scared, so I ran too, but…

Rif: (!) Tier, are you hurt?!

Tier: I chased after them the whole time, but it turned out I couldn't do anything. Even though I tried so hard...
    -I'm so sorry... I'll be fine, so just hurry. Murno—

Rif: Those creeps... even hurting Tier... I won't let them get away with this!

Jade: (...) I don't know what's going on here, but it sounds like this is turning into something pretty dangerous…
    -But this is no time to dwell on that. V.E! Take Tier back to town.

V.E: Wait, what?!

Jade: There's no getting around it. Tier won't be able to get anywhere by herself in this condition.
    -Given that, it'd be a lot smarter for Miss No Sense of Direction here to bring Tier back to town rather than let her get lost up ahead. Doncha think?

V.E: Why you... if you keep making cracks like that, I'll shove your hammer so far down your throat you'll have to forge with your—

Jade: Can it, will you? I’m only saying this because your arm still needs time to heal!

V.E: I—if it's my injury you're so worried about, then what about yours? You're the one who should go back...

Jade: Don't worry about me, I'm just fine—that's why I'm Jade the invincible, after all.

V.E: ... Ah... you...

Jade: Hey, hold up, now is not the time to be laughing!

V.E: Sorry, I just thought that was such a cool line. All right, as you wish, I'll head back to town. As for the rest...

Jade: Yeah. Just leave Rif and Killfith to me.

V.E: Make sure you keep an eye on them!
    -(turns to face the others) Then, Rif! Killfith!

Rif: Yes!

V.E: I leave the rest up to you! You've got no choice but to find Murno and bring her back!

Jade: Right! Let's go!

Rif: Right!

(Jade runs off)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: They even went so far as to hurt Tier... who knows what those jerks will do if we don't hurry and find Murno!

Killfith: Tch... those scrap heaps... if they've laid so much as a finger on Murno, I'll wipe them off the face of the earth!

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