Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Five, Part Four

(Near the South Gate)

V.E: Hey, Rif! Murno passed through here and went into Bayreat Forest!

Rif: She...! Then I guess she really did head towards the Stray Summons...

V.E: It seems like Tier went along for the ride, too. For heaven's sake, what is going on around here?

Killfith: That human…

V.E: We'll just have to try going in there. You two watch each other's backs.

Rif: Right!

(V.E runs through the South Gate)

(Bayreat Forest)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It sounds like Murno went into Bayreat Forest to chase after a Stray, but why would Tier go with her?

Killfith: That human... if she's planning on using Murno as a means to earn money...
    -I'll kill her.

Rif: You know, if we didn't have to keep moving, I would talk to you about how that really shouldn't be your answer to everything!

Further along…

Multicolored Ogres: Grooooarr...

Rif: I wonder if those are friends of the Stray Summons Aniki and the others came to exterminate?

Killfith: If that's true, he’s probably somewhere near here, as well…

Rif: Then let's get this over with!

(Fight with Strong Ogre, Phantom Ogre and Revenant)

Rif: We did it! We won!

Killfith: Tch... Let's just hurry up.

Rif: Right!

Further along, we find a whole party of people…

Rif: Is everyone here all right?!

Jade: I'd certainly hope so, since this is how all of our members live every day. That's how I became invincible, you know.

V.E: Seems there were quite a few Strays here... Are you all right?

Lemmy: Ah... yes...

Killfith: Just a second... was Murno here?

V.E: Jade said that he saw her, but he doesn't know where she went after that... although what in God's name he was doing at the time...

Jade: Hold up! That's not... ...
    -No... you're right. I should've kept a better eye on her. It's my fault.

Lemmy: That's not true. After the number of enemies you managed to handle at once, no one has any right to fault you.
    -If it is anyone's fault, it lies with the two children who came to a place like this so carelessly.

Rif: What did you say?! How can you say that?

Lemmy: Are you going to tell me I am mistaken?

Rif: ... Well…

Jade: Do you know why they would endanger themselves by coming here in the first place?

V.E: That's what we'd like to know, myself. In any case, we’re going to keep searching for a bit longer.

Jade: I gotcha. Let me help you out.

V.E: You can't do that, not while you're injured—

Jade: Who do you think you're talking to? They don't call me invincible for nothing, you know.

Rif: Aniki is so cool...

Lemmy: I understand that you want to help them, but if you take off, who's going to help me to settle matters?

Jade: Sorry about this, Lemmy, but right now, helping out my friends is more important to me.

Rif: Aww... Aniki…

Jade: I'll owe ya one, Lemmy, but what's left that you can't—ah, right, the Council of Gold...

Lemmy: It's all right. I will be able to do it. For the time being, I will…
    -Wait, weren't there three other people with us?

Jade: You mean those guys Bostaph hired? I don’t know what that lot is up to, but won’t they be able to get back on their own?

Lemmy: My apologies. I don't actually know all that much about them…
    -But for now I have these ones to worry about. We will head back to town.

(He leaves with the spike-haired dudes and one anonymous member of the Patrol Unit)

Rif: A group of three people... it can't be...

Killfith: It must be them... We have to hurry.

V.E: Wait up a minute! What exactly are you two hiding from us?

Rif: We—well...

Killfith: Now is not the time to be standing around here babbling!

V.E: ... Fine. I got it. But keep in mind, you two—
    -Once that’s over with, I will not forget this.

Rif: ...!

Jade: Right, if we're done with that, let's move out!

V.E: You and me will split up. Let's go!

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