Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day Seven, Part Five

(Rif wins the match with Tram)

Rif: I won! I did it, Murno!

Murno: Rif... Thank goodness…

Tram: I lost… please accept my apologies for all the rude things I said before.

Rif: Huh?! No, it's fine, you don't really have to apologize.
    -And anyway, taking a little bit of your sarcasm is really nothing compared to the kind of flak I've gotten from the people in Bostaph's Workshop, you know.

Tram: Haha... Thank you.

Gallahan: You both did very well. It was a good match.

Rif: Heehee.

Tram: Thank you for your hard work, Gallahan.
    -(to Rif) According to our deal, you and your friends have my permission to progress further into the ruins.

Killfith: See there, Murno?

Murno: Thank you. I’m glad everything worked out.

Tram: The enchanted crystals are near an altar up ahead. The Summon Creatures there will be even stronger than those before, so be sure to take care.

Murno: Out of curiosity... what on earth is it that the Summon Creatures are protecting?

Tram: Magdorad, a Summon Creature that possesses incredible power.

Rif: Magdorad... no way, you mean the same Summon Creature that Anise summoned?

Tram: That's right, you already know about him.
    -The Phantom Dragon and Magdorad are the Summon Creatures from whom we borrowed power in order to create Louise Village.
    -Each ruin was supplied with Summonite so that they might fulfill the last part of their duty, which is to protect this village's treasure.

Rif: Does that mean she took it?

Tram: Before you go jumping to conclusions, Anise had taken Magdorad in order to save this village…
    -I still believe that, even now.

Rif: (face falls) …

Tram: But after discovering the secrets of this village, I will not be able to simply send you back.

Rif: What are you saying? Shouldn't it be fine as long as we promise not to say anything?

Tram: Maybe if it was just Miss Murno, but you seem like you might give everything away by accident.

Rif: Excuse me?!

Tram: Well, now that we're done with story-time, let us proceed to the enchanted crystals in the floor below.
    -Magdorad is highly revered by our people, so please take care not to startle him. Now let us be off, Miss Murno.
    -(takes Murno's hand, much to Killfith and Rif's annoyance)

Murno: Wha, wai—!

Rif: Hold on, why does Murno has to go with you this time?!

Tram: You already won against me, so isn't it only fair you indulge me by letting me guide her?
    -Or if I'm not allowed to protect her, perhaps I shouldn't let you move ahead either?

Rif: What on earth does that have to do with anything?!

Tram: Anyway, let's head off.

Killfith: Tch, taking Murno again...! Hey, you, what are you standing around for!

Rif: This again... geez...!

Gallahan: Take care of yourself, young lady!

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  1. Hey, good job! Just saw your post over @ GameFAQs but it seems like project after project it just died. Hopefully you're able to completely translate everything but slowly and surely and then hopefully someone will see your work and create a patch for it! ... HOPEFULLY!