Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day Seven, Part Three

(Gumag's Blazing Ruins)

Rif: Geez...! What is this? This time it's ridiculously hot.

Killfith: Tch... we're in the middle of a lake of lava, of course it'll be sweltering.

Tram: If you can't even bear this level of heat, there's no way you'll manage to get all the way to the Time of Judgment.
    -Lately, the Summon Creatures that protect the ruins also seem to have gotten much more vicious.

Murno: (...) For even the Summon Creatures out here to become so ferocious...

Rif: Well if that's true, how are you holding up, Killfith?

Killfith: Don't be an idiot. It would only affect the weakest among us. Obviously it wouldn’t even touch me.

Rif: What on earth are the Summon Creatures here supposed to be protecting?

Tram: If you want to know that, you'll just have to win against me in a match.

Rif: Have it your way.

Tram: Now, I will serve as Miss Murno's guide until we arrive at the Time of Judgment.

Rif: (annoyed) Hold on a minute! Why should you be her guide?!

Tram: What’s wrong? I can’t be your guide as well. Or can’t you make it to the Time of Judgment on your own?
    -If not, we won't be able to have our match.

Rif: Cripes, you're annoying!

Murno: I'll be fine. I don't want to end up a burden for you two.
    -So, please…

Rif: I understand... we'll make it to the Time of Judgment for certain, and once we get there, I'll definitely win!

Tram: Then, we'll go on up ahead without further delay. Be sure to arrive fully prepared.

Gallahan: You may use the workshop as you need, but use utmost caution with the tools. Dismissed!

Rif: All righty! Let's get going!

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

When you come to the first obstacle…

Info: If you hit the switches on the floor with your hammer, it will cause the plates floating on the lava to move.
    -Which direction they move depends on which way the switch is pointing. The maximum number of switches that you can operate at a time is four.

At the end of the hall…

Info: In order to open the door, hit the switches with the weapon that corresponds to the picture.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: I know we have to get all the way to the Time of Judgment, but I still can't believe how hot it is in Gumag's Blazing Ruins. How are you holding up, Killfith?

Killfith: ... ......... ...........................

Rif: Umm, Killfith...? Maybe you're really not feeling okay?

Killfith: My element is water. For me, it’s hot even under normal circumstances… but don’t think for a second that’s enough to make me ‘not feel okay.’

Rif: (S… scaryyy… although the chill that glare sends down my spine is pretty refreshing.)

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