Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Six, Part Ten

The Friend
Rif: Understood... let's head back...

Murno: Thank goodness.

Killfith: (...) I see... so in the end, you didn't believe me.

Rif: It's not that, but... can you really prove that she's an illusion?

Killfith: You want me to prove it?

Rif: If you can't do that, then I don't think I should leave Murno in a place like this.

Killfith: And while you're doing that, are you just going to leave the real Murno to be turned into an afternoon snack by that monster Nushi-what’s-his-face?

Rif: Of course not… but…!

Murno: Don’t be fooled, Rif. Look, I can even prove that he is a fake…

(Another Killfith appears)

???: Looks like someone's been running around, trying to copy me...

Killfith: Tch… that's certainly the last thing I expected.

???: I'll make you vanish, you eyesore!

(And thus ensues a fight between two Killfiths)

Killfith: This phony may look like me, but he only has a fraction of my powers.
    -So hurry up and vanish, you eyesores!

(Which they obediently do.)

Killfith: Now do you understand? They were fakes.

Rif: ... I'm sorry, Killfith... I shouldn't have doubted you…

Killfith: I didn’t really think you would believe me in the first place.
    -And considering Murno was the only thing on your mind, I’ll forgive you.

Rif: (blushes) Wh—what is that supposed to mean, Murno’s not the only thing I ever think about…

Killfith: Just shut up and get moving.

Rif: Geez, all right, already!

The Partner
Rif: It's like Killfith said. There's no way that Murno would have ever helped anyone attack a village!
    -So stand aside so we can move forward!

Killfith: Rif...!

Murno: Do you really think that from the bottom of your heart...?
    -In fact... that's only what you want to think, isn't it?

Rif: No, that's what I really think!

???: Ahaha, quit bluffing...

(While our heroes are busy being puzzled, another Rif appears!)

Rif: Aren't you...?! Wait just a... how on earth is that...!

???: I think the only person who's suspicious around here is this girl right in front of me. There's no doubt she's a bad guy…
    -After all the stalling she's done, maybe she actually wants her friend to face punishment…

Rif: Shut up...

???: Hurry and head on home, why don't you?

Rif: I told you to shut up!

(And thus Rif must fight with herself, only not in a metaphorical sense)

Rif: Well, you understand now? Murno is in no way friends with those jerks, and you guys are just fakes!
    -And phonies like you should just disappear!

(And so they do.)

Rif: All right! Let's hurry, Killfith!

Killfith: I can't believe you actually took my word for it.

Rif: Well it was something my partner told me, so isn't it only natural?
    -Come on, let's go!

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

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