Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day Six, Part One

(Still in the prison cell)

Rif: I kinda wish they’d do something already so I don’t have to just sit here and bore myself to death…

(A door creaks open)

Man: Hey. Come out.

Rif: Huh?

Man: I said, come out of there! How many times do I have to say it!

Rif: Wait a second... what are you planning now?

Man: No small talk! Just come out of there!

Rif: Gee whiz, I got it already...

(Outside the cell, we see Killfith and Murno, each of whom is led by their own guard)

Rif: Ah! Murno! Killfith!

Murno: Rif...!

Man: (annoyed) Hey, no talking!

(He grabs Murno and everyone is appalled by his rude behavior.)

Murno: Eek!

Killfith: Murno!

(Killfith, about to use his powers, is electrocuted by a pair of handcuffs.)

Murno: Killfith!

Man: I already told you, no talking. I told you yesterday what those handcuffs do. Did you forget?

Rif: Why you...! What did you do to Killfith?!
    -(gets punched)

Murno: (!) No! Rif, are you—

Man: I already told you, no complaining! Just behave and this won't have to be any harder.

Rif: ...!

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