Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day Eight, Part Four

(Outside Benson’s Workshop, Tier and Zakk walk up)

Tier: Ah, Rif, how was the conference?

Rif: Not good at all… if we can’t get a hold of any evidence that Anise and her gang are bad people, they won’t do anything.
    -So, we decided to split up in order to find them…

Tier: (to Zakk) Hey, I don’t suppose you know something, do you? Aren’t you like the eyes and ears of this town?

Zakk: Of course I know!
    -But, until everything is cleared up, Master wouldn’t want me to betray those people.

Rif: What are you talking about? Eyes and ears? That’s the first I heard of it.

Zakk: That’s because you’re not important enough to feed information.

Tier: Isn’t that just another way of saying you don’t know? You were actually lying about being this town’s eyes and ears. How aw~ful.

Zakk: I do too know! They’re in the Slenge Mines! The mines just outside of the West Gate!

Rif and Killfith: (!)

Killfith: What…? Wasn’t that near where that guy said the Red Wing is?

Zakk: Yeah, but they really are there! I overheard those guys talking before!

Rif: Hmm, I see… and we don’t have any other leads… should we try going there…?

Tier: If it’s that dangerous, maybe it’d be a good idea to invite Miss V.E and Jade along?

Rif: But Master is searching Lute Caves, and Aniki’s gone to Bayreat Forest…

Tier: Crimany, what an annoying situation. Guess there’s nothing for it.
    -The only solution is for us to go track down Miss V.E and Jade.

Zakk: (!) By “us,” do you mean me too?

Tier: Of course I mean you too! You spilled the beans, so obviously you should ask for Jade!

Zakk: Ugh… I got it.

Killfith: (…) Exactly whose side is this kid on, again?

Zakk: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!

Tier: Time is money, so let's not waste any!
    -Catch you later, Rif!

Rif: Take care, okay?

Zakk: You too.

(Tier and Zakk depart stage left)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It seems Anise is somewhere in Slenge Mines. Let’s check it out!

Killfith: It sounds like there’s a ferocious Summon Creature known as Red Wing residing there. This should be fun…

Rif: That’s one thing I hope we don’t find there!

(In front of the West Gate, we find out why the gatekeeper’s letting us through)

Gatekeeper: The usual gatekeeper caught a cold, so today I’m substituting for him. What a pain…
    -It seems there’s a scary Stray called Red Wing out there, but if you want to go I won’t stop you.

(In the Slenge Mines, Lemmy is standing in front of a gorge)

Rif: Huh? Lemmy, what are you doing here?

Lemmy: W-what, you ask?

Rif: Didn’t you know? They’re saying there’s a scary Stray called Red Wing around here.

Lemmy: I know about that! And anyway, what are you doing here if you know it’s dangerous?

Rif: What are we… Zakk told us that Anise and her gang were hiding around here.

Lemmy: Zakk… saying too much again…

Killfith: Hmph. And what exactly are you doing in a place like this?

Lemmy: M-me?! Weapons, I… that’s right, I just came to forge weapons.

Rif: Oh, is that what you’re doing? Specially came to a dangerous corner of the world so you could forge, huh?

Lemmy: But I was on my way back just now.

(He rushes off in a panic)

Rif: (…) What’s with him? And what was he so upset about this whole time? I got a really bad feeling about this.

Killfith: Hmf, no kidding.

(While trekking through Slenge Mines, Killfith suddenly stops Rif.)

Killfith: Tch… over there…

(Nearby, a bad guy stands beside a large ogre-looking Stray.)

Man: What are those guys doing! We were supposed to change shifts ages ago! Dammit…
    -(paces back and forth)
    -(…) Forget it, I’ll go call them over!

(The man departs.)

Rif: That must have been one of their comrades! Their hideout has got to be nearby!
    -We’ve gotta go after him!

Killfith: Cool it… what are you planning to do about the watchdog?

Rif: You don’t think we’ll have to knock him out, do you?

(The Stray walks away.)

Rif: (?) What? It doesn’t want to keep a lookout?

Killfith: How am I supposed to know?

Rif: Anyway, let’s keep moving.

At this point, there will be a difference depending on which path you choose:
    -Path on the left >Leftways
    -Path on the right >Rightways

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