Saturday, January 8, 2011

Night Two - Murno

Murno: So you were here, Rif.
    -So… how are you preparing for tomorrow? Do you think you’re ready?

Rif: I know I said it was a sure thing, but Master has always been my partner, you know? But I guess it’s useless trying to wiggle my way out now.

Murno: Even though you helped me so much today, I still can’t seem do anything…
     -But I still want to do something, so if you think of anything I can do to help you, please tell me, okay? I want to be useful.

Rif: It’s all right. I’ll be just fine. In fact, rather than that…
    -It’s my fault you had to go through so much today. It must have been really rough on you.

Murno: No, it wasn't a problem, really… I could only stand on the sidelines gaping while everything was happening.

Rif: Even though I said I would protect you, you still ended up suffering through so much…
    -Therefore... I’ll definitely win tomorrow’s match so I can protect you on the way to town!

Murno: Huh? Ah... thank you.

Rif: By the way, why on earth did you suddenly want to go to town so badly?

Murno: (blushing) That’s… actually…

Rif: Is it another secret?

Murno: Y-yeah…

Rif: Ahaha… everything seems to be a secret with you, huh?

Murno: Well… this secret is a bit different from the others, though…

Rif: Oh, uh, really?

Murno: I’ll head back now.

Rif: Ah… did I say something wrong?

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