Sunday, March 20, 2011

Night Six - Killfith

Killfith: Tch... here you are.
    -Catch any flies with your mouth gaping open like that?

Rif: No… I was just thinking about the match tomorrow.

Killfith: If it's thinking you're doing this late at night, you must have realized that you don't stand a good chance of winning by yourself.

Rif: What are you talking about! I could win against that guy with my eyes closed!
    -... Well, I'd like to say that, but I’m a little nervous about fighting by myself.

Killfith: Hmph... didn't think I'd hear something so disgustingly meek from you.

Rif: Yeah, but you know, you seem pretty unaffected even after pulling such an amazing transformation and saving me.

Killfith: Transformation? I hope you're joking! The form I have now barely has any power at all. I still can't believe I have to go around looking like this.

Rif: Y—yeah, I guess that's true. Sorry, I forgot. But I'm glad that you were able to return to your original form.

Killfith: Tch… I just can't believe I was able to pull that power out of me for something like that…

Rif: Something like what?

Killfith: (blushing) None of your business!

Rif: Huh? There's no need to get angry… and why are you turning red?

Killfith: I'm not turning red! And if you keep mocking me, I'll kill you!

Rif: What, you wanna fight? Hey, I’ll bet with you transformed in front of Tram, he’d be so scared stiff that the match would be a piece of cake!

Killfith: Transformed… … Tch… Forget it.

Rif: What the heck… man, that kid is really hard to understand.

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