Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day Zero, Part Five

(Rif walks of the house and sees the same Stray)

Rif: That was him just now! What is he still hanging around for? I won’t let him get away this time!

(She follows him into Manig Mine)

Rif: Huh? Where did he go?

(A slime slimes up)

Rif: Whoa, hold on! I wasn’t talking about you!

Slime: (annoyed)

Rif: (panics) Uh-oh!

(Slime fight!)

Rif: I did it!

Rif: … Which is great and all, but where did that guy run off to?
     -Heeyy! You can hide all you like, but you’ll have to come out eventually! You winged oaf!

???: Don’t! Stop!

(A flash of bright light)

Rif: (!) What was that?! (looks around)
    -Is someone there? Hey!

(Someone walks out of the trees)

Rif: (!) I knew I heard someone! What should I do now?

???: …

Rif: Aren’t you just a kid…? What are you doing out here?

???: Nothing.

Rif: I’m looking for a Summon Creature—a man with black wings. Have you seen anyone like that?

???: N-no, I haven’t…

Rif: I was sure he came this way. But you were just over there, right? Are you sure you didn't see anything?

???: …

Rif: What is it?! And what was that bright light just now? What’s really going on here?!

???: You…

Rif: What?

???: You shouldn’t associate with me!

Rif: Huh?!

Rif: Just what are you talking about?!

???: You’re better off if you don’t associate with me, so just…

Rif: What are you talking about? Explain yourself! My Master is hurt because of what that guy did!

???: (!) Hurt? No way…

Rif: So if you know anything about that Summon Creature, then just tell me! Got that?! (grabs kid)

???: Ah—! (!)

(They fall down, ending with an accidental kiss)


Rif: (panics) W…  wa… wai… did… we just… k-k-ki…

???: N...
  nNYAAaa!!! (shoves Rif off her, stands up)

(Rif gets up slowly)

???: Uh…

Rif: Hey! You don’t have to scream like that…! Wait a sec, your voice…
    -Are you a girl?

???: Creep…

Rif: (annoyed) What is wrong with you! It wasn’t exactly a picnic for me, either, you know! Why, I…

(Kid starts walking away)

Rif: Where are you going? You still haven’t finished giving me an explanation!

???: Don’t come near me!

Rif: You don’t have to yell! It’s not like I want to get close to you because I like you!

???: ! (slaps Rif)

Rif: That hurt…

???: You shouldn’t get yourself mixed up with me…. It would… it would only bring you misfortune…

Rif: (Is she crying?)

(She runs off)

Rif: Wait…
    -Good grief… only bring me misfortune? What on earth is that supposed to mean?
    -And my cheek still hurts, too…
    -Although I can’t understand why anyone would want to slap someone as wonderful as me!
    -? (notices something on the ground)

(Obtained Mysterious Stone)

Rif: This stone… was it here before? I wonder if it belongs to that girl… probably. I wonder if it’s valuable?
     -No way… is this be Summonite? Could this have called that Summon Creature from before?

    -Try to summon something!  >Summon Up!
    -I shouldn’t. I don’t know enough about it.  >Caution

Summon Up!
Rif: Let’s do this…
    -Summon up!

(Nothing happens)

Rif: Ah…
    -Looks like I was wrong, huh…
    -What should I do now?

    -I should probably give this back to that girl.  >Good Deeds
    -It might be weapon materials!  >Weapon Materials

Rif: Something bad might happen. I should stop now.
    -But what should I do now?

    -I should probably give this back to that girl.  >Good Deeds
    -Maybe it’s material for a weapon!  >Weapon Materials

Good Deeds
Rif: I may not know what it is, but I should give it back—and maybe at the same time get that kid to tell me about the Summon Creature!

Weapon Materials
Rif: … I know this might be a problem, but I still need weapon materials.
      -But I can’t ignore how suspicious that girl was acting. I should see if I can track her down!

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