Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Night Zero - RUN-DOR


Ritch: RUN-DOR… what are you doing here?

RUN-DOR: You had gone outside. I followed.

Ritch: Why did you follow me?

RUN-DOR: To conclude whether or not you are targeting Lady Murno.

Ritch: Why would you even think that?!

RUN-DOR: You have not stated your intent.

Ritch: Of course I’m not! It’s just a lot of things have happened today, so I figured I’d come out here to cool my head off!

RUN-DOR: That is the proper procedure for a fever. You are exhibiting uncontrolled temperature fluctuations?

Ritch: Uhh… come again?

RUN-DOR: If Lady Murno is not being targeted, I shall return to the residence.

Ritch: Ahh, wait! Before that…

RUN-DOR: What do you require?

Ritch: We should start over. Let’s work hard together, RUN-DOR!

RUN-DOR: … Yes.

Ritch: I’m kinda worried about that subtle pause there, but in order to set the agreement in stone, we should yell the Code!

RUN-DOR: Code?

Ritch: For a Craftknight!
    -A hammer is…
    -… What’s wrong?

RUN-DOR: That we must yell was also stated during training, but I do not understand its logic.

Ritch: It’s to charge up your fighting spirit.

RUN-DOR: Fighting spirit…

Ritch: Yeah, see, it boils up from the stomach, and…


Ritch: Umm…


Ritch: Forget it. You can go back.

RUN-DOR: Affirmative.

Ritch: I’m sure the day will come when I’ll be able to hand down the fighting spirit to even that guy.

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