Sunday, January 23, 2011

Night Three - Murno

Murno: Oh look, it’s Rif.

Rif: Ah, Murno!

Murno: What is it? Are you out here because something good happened?

Rif: Eh…? I don’t think there’s anything that was particularly good, but…

Murno: Really? Not even the schemes for the future you’ve been concocting with Tier?

Rif: Why would you even…! Murno, do you seriously think I would do something like that?!

Murno: We—well… but Rif, you seemed so happy about it…

Rif: Sure, when she asked if I would work as a Craftknight, I was a little bit happy because it felt like she noticed my skills.
     -But I can’t believe she asked me to be a poster girl… I have no idea how it became like that…

Murno: Really?

Rif: It’s the truth!

Murno: But when Tier mentioned becoming a poster girl, your expression did not seem altogether unhappy…

Rif: That’s really only because that was the first time she mentioned that… and it made me kind of embarrassed…

Murno: I knew it! It’s because Tier is cute and cheerful, isn’t it?
     -And I guess I’m just the dark, gloomy girl, so naturally you’d rather go off and have fun with her!

Rif: Eh? Wha?!

Murno: Goodbye.

Rif: Ah, wait…!

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