Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day Zero, Part Three

The other guys gone, Rif walks down the stairs.

Rif: Ah! It’s Master!

V.E: What’s up, Rif? You seem to be humming a happy tune. Don’t tell me you already found some nice materials.

Rif: Yeah, I did! Actually, Chief…
    -I mean, it’s a secret. Where I, uh, got it from.

V.E: Huh? That’s no good. If you keep stuttering like that, then your weapons will never achieve a cutting edge.

Rif: Aaanyway, the chief wanted me to thank you for him!

V.E: Hm? Is that right. Anyway, since you have all the materials you need, let’s get to making that weapon. Okay?
    -To the workshop! Let us go forth!

Rif: Okay!

(Inside the Workshop)

Info: This is a Save Point. It acts as a diary of your travels thus far.
    -In order to save your game, simply walk up to the sword and push the A button.

Rif: …

Info: The bed can be used any number of times each day to recover one’s physical strength and magic uses.
    -In order to do this, simply get into bed and push the A button.

V.E: From now on, your purpose is to forge weaponry. Just remember that while you are in the workshop…

Rif: Not to forget my original intention! Right?

V.E: Well, it certainly looks like you won’t hurt yourself. Just take some time to properly remember all the steps first.

Rif: Right!
    -(walks up to forge)
    -In order to make a weapon, first… put the weapon materials into the forge…

Info: The first step to making a weapon is to touch the forge. Push the A button to open the menu window, and then select “forge.”
     -The shapestone is the weapon’s base. Decide which composite item to join with it in order to make a completed weapon.
     -The shapestone determines the weapon’s type, while the composite item determines its appearance and strength.

Rif: All right! I’ve got this down!

V.E: Then throw those materials into the forge! Use that hammer to drive your soul into it until the weapon is fully formed!

Rif: Yes, ma’am!

V.E: Put in everything you’ve got!

Rif: You got it!

(Forges a sword)

V.E: Sounds like you made some good noise back there. Maybe you finally understand the rock’s heart?
     -You still have a long ways to go before you fall into a more comfortable pace, but it’s not impossible.

Rif: I still don’t understand very well what you mean about a rock or the music of the unknown world…
    -But… I think I was able to do a pretty good job with this weapon!

V.E: So you say. Come on then, let me take a look.
    -Well… it’s fine if you want to give something like this away for free, but it’s a far cry from being good enough to sell.

Rif: Oh… I see…

V.E: Don’t worry. As you grow as a woman and a Craftknight, you’ll forge so many weapons you’ll get sick of it, and refine your skills and yourself along the way.

Rif: Then I’ll got looking for more materials. I should be able to find plenty over in Manig Mine.

V.E: Be careful around there. Lately there’s been an unusual number of earthquakes coming from there—not to mention all the Stray Summons.

Rif: It’ll be all right! I can’t become a stronger Craftknight otherwise!

V.E: All the same, you’ll need more than just determination to see you through. Don’t forget to keep your weapon properly maintained as you use it.

Rif: Got it!

Info: Attacking with a weapon gradually chips away at its durability. If that disappears entirely, the weapon will break.
     -In order to restore its original durability, use a recovery item or the repair function on the forge.

Rif: You don’t need to worry about a thing!

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