Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day Seven, Part One

Rif: So it's finally time for the match with Tram, huh? He won't know what hit him!

Killfith: How exactly are you planning to win against him by yourself?

Rif: What do you mean? You're not worried about me, are you?

Killfith: (blushing) Wh—who in their right mind would worry about you! It's just that if you lose, we won't be able to examine the enchanted crystals and it would be unnecessarily bothersome…

Rif: I see, so you want me to win for Murno, right? I'll do my best.
    -Speaking of which, while I'm busy with that, what are you going to be doing?

Killfith: … It's a pain, but I doubt you'd be able to win without me tagging along.

Rif: Killfith...

Killfith: Not to mention you'd run off with your tail between your legs without me there to stand guard.

Rif: Not much one for pep talk, are you… but thanks anyway.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: The time has finally come for the match with Tram.

Killfith: It'll be a nuisance otherwise, so you better win.

Rif: Yeah, I know, for Murno's sake, right? I'll do my best.

(Outside the workshop)

Murno: Ah, Rif.

(They walk up)

Murno: Um...

Rif: You don't have to wear that worried expression, you know, because I'm going to win no matter what. Just leave it to me!

Murno: But a match… you’ve already done so much for me, and doing this too, I just…

Rif: It'll be all right. I wanted to have a match with this guy, so you don't have to over-think it.

Killfith: Hmph… At any rate, you're the only person she wants to put on a happy face for.
    -So try not to worry too much.

Rif: (blushes slightly) Don’t put words in my mouth.

Gallahan: (enters)
    -If you're ready to depart, Tram is already waiting for us to proceed.

Rif: Huh? You're coming too?

Gallahan: Indeed. I will be serving as a witness.

Rif: A witness? What for?

Killfith: Tch… someone has to be there to witness the results of the match to make sure it’s a fair game.

Gallahan: Indeed. For any match that makes use of the Time of Judgment, it is necessary that someone be there to represent the village to ensure that there is no foul play.

Murno: Excuse me... but would it be all right for me to be a witness as well?

Gallahan: What are you saying! There are many dangers in the ruins where the Time of Judgment takes place. If you are not also a Craftknight, then…

Murno: I understand, but... I would really like to go with you.

Rif: Murno…

Gallahan: (...) Hmm... I see... well, I suppose there's no harm in asking Tram.

Murno: I'm sorry for the trouble, and thank you very much!

Killfith: If Murno is allowed to go, then you shouldn't have any complaints about me joining as a witness as well.

Gallahan: Very well, you may ask him. Anyway, we have to go.
    -The Time of Judgment is located in Gumag's Blazing Ruins, which are set above Requiem's Submerged Ruins. But first, we shall gather in the plaza in front of the ruins.

Rif: Requiem's Submerged Ruins... the place where Lord Nushi's from, right? Gotcha!

(Murno and Gallahan depart)

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