Friday, December 24, 2010

Day One Side Quests

(Old man standing next to the store)
Zenichi: I’m called Zenichi.
    -In my younger days, I worked as a forester.
    -When I had some free time, I would break up some of the wooden crates on one side of the forests and caves.
    -It was splendid fun. What do you think? Would you like to take on this challenge?
    -See if you can break all of the barrels and crates in a given forest or cave at a single time. It’ll be good practice for you.

Crystal Shards for Sale
(Red-haired girl inside the shop)
Traveling Saleswoman’s Daughter: My mother is a traveling saleswoman. Right now, our traveling store is starting to become a lot more popular with two kinds of people, Craftknights and blacksmiths.
    -I have plans for the future to make our shop big, so for now, I need to work hard to earn enough to pay for travel expenses. But, that’s beside the point.
    -By the way, you look like a Craftknight. How about I give you a little inside information on upgrading?

    -I’ll listen.  >Inside Info
    -Maybe later.  >Not Now

Not Now
TS’s Daughter: You don’t want me to tell you, huh? Well, the customer’s always right, I suppose.

Inside Info
TS’s Daughter: Okay then, if you use a “Water Crystal Shard” to strengthen, you can add the effect “Aqua” to your weapon.
    -And, one time only, I’ll be selling a Water Crystal Shard for just 100 Boam.
    -Would you like to purchase it?

    -I’ll buy it.  >Buy (assuming you have 100 Boam on you)
    -I won’t buy it.  >Bye

TS’s Daughter: What, you’ll listen, but you won’t buy anything? How stingy.

(Obtained Water Crystal Shard!)

TS’s Daughter: Thank you~.

Accepting the Quests

(gray-haired dude near V.E’s house)
Man: So you see, I want to buy this spear, but really, something like that? I just don’t have the spare time.
     -Huh? You really made that weapon there? That’s right, you’re V.E’s assistant, aren’t you? Yeaahhh, I thought so…
    -I really want a spear. Just an Amateur Spear would be nice…
    -But I don’t exactly have any iron ore.

(Accept request?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Man: Thanks, man. Here’s some material for it.

(Obtained Spear Shapestone!)

Man: Have fuu~uun.

Find Me My Kitty
(the blond girl near Bostaph’s Workshop, literally named “Cat-Lover.”)
Cat-Lover: Hey, have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -Could you help me look for her? I have a hunch she’ll be purring right now.

Oh, if Only…
(Old woman near glowing blue sword)
Old Woman: I do wish I had a Flat Stone.

Completing the Quest

(After giving the gray-haired dude an Amateur Spear, which is a #01 Spear)

Man: Soooo, this has a pretty good feel. Now, howsabout taking this to pay for the bill?

(Obtained Slender Crystal!)

Man: Yeahhh, ’s got surprisingly good quality.

Cat Quest
Cat-Lover: Ooh, welcome ba~ack, Snowflake.
    -Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I’m just so happy, it’s like I’m floating inside a dream.
    -Take this as a token of my gratitude.

(Obtained small worm!)

Cat-Lover: (to cat) Now, promise me you’ll never go anywhere so dangerous ever again, okay~?

Oh, if Only…
Old Woman: I see that you have come across a few Flat Stones.
    -For one, I am willing to barter this Premium Paper.


(Obtained Premium Paper!)

Old Woman: Thank you, young one. This is just what I needed.

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