Monday, March 14, 2011

Day Six, Part Eleven

(Side Conversation)
Rif: We've already been held back by so many fakes! And the real Murno...

Killfith: She should be down just one more level! And if we don't get there fast, she might already be that Summon Creature's dinner!

Rif: There's no way we'll let that happen!

Finally, our adventurers come upon a chamber with symbols scrawls on the floor. Oh yeah, and the bad guys are there, too.

Rif: (!)

Anise: Ha... what's this? Exactly what do you think you're doing in a place like this?

Rif: It... it's you...!

Tram: Seems you've managed to overcome the illusions up till now... although I imagine someone must have helped you out of your cell.

Rif: Why you...! Give Murno back!

Tram: Murno...? Wasn't she returned to the prison a short while ago?

Rif: What?! No, you guys are here because you were going to feed Murno to that Summon Creature Lord Nushi and…

Tram: Feed her, were we...?

Anise: Ha! If that's your excuse, I wonder what kind of a creature you think Nushi is!

Rif: Excuse?!

Anise: You two came all the way here looking for Lord Nushi. Is that correct?

Rif: … What are you talking about! Where's Murno...?!

Anise: Silence, thief!

Rif: Thief?! Why am I a thief all of a sudden?!

Killfith: I see... we were played for fools.

Rif: N… no way, are you serious?!

Anise: It’s clear now more than ever that you are a part of the group that once attacked this village.
    -That you escaped from prison just to find Lord Nushi is undeniable proof of that!

Rif: No, I told you already, we thought Murno was...

Anise: (...) Surely you understand now, Tram.

Tram: Yes, thank you. If not for your intervention, I might have been in danger of believing that girl...

Rif: (annoyed) I don't believe this...!

(He takes something off an altar and turns back to Rif)

Tram: After the attack on this village and seeing how far you would go to get at Lord Nushi, I cannot simply send you back.
    -Given how much effort you've put into finding Lord Nushi, it only seems fitting that he himself should be the one to judge you!

(The floor plate leading to the exit disappears)

Rif: The path...!

(A sphere of purple light appears)

Tram: Respond to my voice. Break through this earth and bestow thy judgment upon these fools. I summon thee...
    -Phantom Dragon!!!

Oh crap

Phantom Dragon: MRAAAARR!!

Rif: Crap it's big...!

Killfith: Phantom Dragon... so I guess this is this village's Summon Creature Lord Nushi, huh…

Rif: This is dangerous... I wonder if I'd even be able to survive a battle with this thing…

Killfith: Heheh... there's no place to run to.

Rif: (...) Killfith…

Killfith: What is it?

    -Please, take care of Murno.  >Fight to the Last
    -I'll win this.  >Fight to the Last

Fight to the Last
Killfith: Rif... no way, are you...

Rif: Killfith! I've already decided for myself, so let me do this!
    -(steps toward the dragon)

Killfith: Dammit...! Have I sunk so low that even this child has to protect me?!
    -What a sick joke! If I had my spiritual powers back, this fight would be nothing… I need power!

Anise: Tram, quickly!

Tram: Face judgment!

(At the last second, Killfith pushes Rif out of the way)

Rif: Eiaaa!!

Killfith: Rif!

(Once the light clears, we see Killfith in his original form)

Rif: Killfith! You're...!

Killfith: Seems that my powers did return, just so I could… tch… unbelievable…

Rif: Killfith, you're… that's so cool!

Tram: He transformed?!

Anise: Don't lose your head, Tram! Him transforming doesn't change anything! Just hurry up and deal with them!

Tram: Ah, right! Go!

Killfith: I'll make you regret crossing me.

(Killfith fights the Phantom Dragon)

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