Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Three, Part Six

(Marneil Inn Town)

Rif: This is Marneil Inn Town.

Murno: Where is it that you can receive treatment?

Tier: I can be treated at the inn there. It's called Smile Cottage. I'd be very much indebted to you, so please...

Rif: Then, shall we go?

Tier: Also, if any of you are tired, you could stay for a bit. It has really great food.
    -The home-made cake especially is enchantingly delicious.

Murno: Cake...

V.E: Cake, huh... even the word makes me a bit sentimental...


Murno: (blushing) Ah…

Rif: Ah, was that...

Killfith: (glares) What? You heard nothing.

Rif: Er... uh, no, of course not.

Murno: Umm…

V.E: I guess we could stop for a bit. We'll just take a short break here.

Rif: Sweet! Let's go!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Taking a rest at the Smile Cottage Inn!

Tier: That's right! Let's hurry!

Murno: Don't hurry too much! What if your injury gets worse?

Tier: Uh, yeah, that's right, huh...

Killfith: What happened? You were so energetic all of a sudden.

Tier: N-no I wasn't, don't be silly~.

V.E: ...

(Inside Smile Cottage)

???: Hello! Welcome to Smile Cottage!

Tier: We have guests! Four who would like to stay the night.

V.E: Hold on a second! Who's staying the night?!

Tier: Didn't you just stay you wanted to rest here, though?

V.E: C-certainly I said that, but I never said we'd spend the night!

(Jade walks up)

Jade: Oh, hey, looks like you guys finally made it.

V.E: Hold up, what are you doing here?

Jade: Yeah, well, it’s just that, I came across this troubled girl, and I couldn’t just abandon her, could I?

V.E: You were just looking to get some cake, weren't you?

Jade: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?! I wouldn’t be lured by cake.

V.E: You've got some cream on the edge of your mouth.

Jade: Gah!

V.E: Just kidding.

Jade: Gh...! Why you...

V.E: Must have been a really good cake. Though, there's no need to lose your temper.

Killfith: Indeed. You realize throwing a tantrum only makes you look bad, right?

Tier: Anyway! Mom's cuisine is the best in Lyndbaum, you know!

Murno: Your mom?!

Roche: Yes, I'm her mother, Roche. And it appears my daughter has invited you here by force, so you have my apologies for that.

Rif: Daughter?!

Tier: Yep, I'm this establishment's poster girl, Tier!

//The term Tier refers to herself here is actually “kanban musume”… which literally means “a pretty girl who attracts boys to her parents’ shop.”//

(insert pause here)

(group exclamation points, yay)

V.E: We were set up!

Tier: But since you're already here, you might as well partake of some delicious cuisine, and there's also a workshop so you can have us repair your weapons for you.

Rif: Except I'm a Craftknight! I repair my weapons myself!

Tier: Then, if you would do us the favor of staying the night, maybe I could forgive you for pulling those weapons on me, hmm?

Roche: What do you—they attacked you?!

V.E: Miss, I assure you there were some extenuating circumstances…

Tier: And because of those circumstances, how about we make it 1000 Boam per person, if you don’t mind.

Rif: Geez... I should've known this was about money!
    -Don't you think trying to cheat us out of our money is a little underhanded?

Tier: What? Saying that I cheated you... how mean...

    -It wasn't mean at all!  >Not Backing Down
    -Maybe it was a little mean…  >Softer Approach

Not Backing Down
Rif: Of course you cheated us! You said that you were injured, but wasn't that a lie?  >Liar

Softer Approach
Rif: Well... maybe I went a little overboard with that…?

Killfith: What are you talking about, of course she was cheating us. She claimed to be wounded, but that was obviously a lie.  >Liar

Tier: How could you, calling me a liar... so mean!
    -(takes off)

Roche: Ah, wait! Tier?!

V.E: Gee whiz, look at what you did now.

Rif: Why are you saying it's my fault?!

Roche: Please excuse her... sometimes that girl... well, in any case, I should go bring her back.

V.E: Wait. What about the store?

Roche: Well... I suppose until my husband gets back, the store will have to be left unattended for a bit.

V.E: No.

Jade: Didn't even think about it...

V.E: Well, since it was Rif's fault, how about you let us look for her instead?

Rif: Hold on a second!

Jade: Since the number of Strays around here went up, it's gotten pretty dangerous. It'd probably be best if we went out and searched.

Roche: I'm sorry, Miss…

V.E: I'm V.E. This is Rifmonica and Killfith. And he's Jade.

Roche: I’m sorry for the trouble, everyone. There’s a workshop inside, so please feel free to make use of it.

V.E: While we're doing that, can you help us out by letting Murno stay here?

Murno: Eh?

V.E: It could get dangerous outside.

Murno: … All right.

Roche: I understand. I'm sorry for the trouble, but please find my daughter for me.

Jade: No problem. Then, let’s comb through the neighborhood.

Rif: Hey, wait…

(Jade and V.E leave)

Rif: Ugh...

Killfith: Hm? What is it?

Rif: I don't get how it's my fault!

Killfith: How trivial.

Rif: What the heck.

Murno: Good luck out there, Rif.

Rif: Yeah. I guess we're off, then.

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