Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Four, Part Four

(Benson's Workshop)

Benson: …

Rif: Um, uh...

Benson: ...

Killfith: Ugh...

Jade: Master's pleased. That's good.

Rif: He is?!

Jade: Just make yourselves at home until your friends get back. I'll be headed out in a bit, and I probably won't be back for a while.

Rif: Make yourselves at home, he says…

Benson: ...

Rif: Umm…

//As a side note, if you want a quest from Jade, now would be a good time to ask.//

(Side Conversation)
Rif: What should we do in the meantime?

Killfith: Should we take down that guy?

Rif: You don't mean Master Benson, do you?! We can't do that! We'd be flirting with danger!

Just as the duo is about to leave, another character pops in...

???: I'm going out now.

Jade: Oh, Eliez. Going on an errand?

Eliez: Mm-hm. I'm going to get some raw materials.

Jade: Raw materials? You're not going to Lute Caves, are you?

Rif: Wow… even a kid this young is working. That's pretty amazing.

Killfith: Is she your child?

Jade: Come on, Killfith… do I really look old enough to have a kid?

Killfith: As if I care enough to tell.

Jade: You know, I'm the worst person to choose to make fun of, because I—

Eliez: Big brother, no fighting! It's bad.

Rif: Big brother? Aniki, does that mean you have a younger sister? You two don't look related at all, though.

Jade: Yeah, well, we live in the same workshop like a family, but she's not really my younger sister.
    -What? You didn't think it was possible I could have a real younger sister?

Rif: Nah, it's just that Eliez doesn't have a scary face at all.

Jade: Don't you think we're old enough now that you can knock it off with that joke already?

Killfith: If you’re really that old, does that mean she's your kid after all?

Jade: You guys are impossible! Can we just move on already?

(Eliez steps up, saving poor Jade from further grief)

Eliez: It's really nice to meet you. I'm Eliez. I help out at this workshop.

Rif: Ahh, is that how it is? It’s nice to meet you. I'm Rifmonica, and this is Killfith.

Eliez: Nice to meetcha.

Killfith: Don't speak to me so familiarly. I hate children.

Eliez: I like Killfith!

Killfith: (blushing) Urk… I especially dislike this type of human…

Rif: (amazed) That this kind of little kid is already working…

Jade: Well... there are a lot of reasons.

Rif: (?)

Eliez: Then, I'll be going!

Jade: Ahh, wait a minute! This is gonna sound pathetic, but could you hold off on going out?

Eliez: Whaat?! Whyyy?

Jade: There've been a lot more really brutal Strays appearing lately. I mean, just not too long ago, a whole pack popped up. It might okay if someone else went with you but…
    -I know, why don't you show Rif and her partner around Lute Caves?

Rif: Ehh?!

Eliez: Really?!

Jade: Yeah, you guys want to, right? Rif, Killfith?

Rif: Hold on...!

Eliez: You…  don't want to?

    -Of course I do.  >Sucker Punched by Puppy Dog Eyes
    -No!  >I will not fall victim!

I will not fall victim!
Eliez: You really… don't…

Rif: Ooh... don't make that face…

Killfith: How could you be so cold, just like a demon.

Rif: Arg! Okay, fine! It's fine if she shows us around!  >Sucker Punched by Puppy Dog Eyes

Sucker Punched by Puppy Dog Eyes
Eliez: Yaayy! Thank you, big sis!

Rif: Heehee... so I'm a big sis now, huh?

Jade: Don't frolic off somewhere. Be sure to keep an eye on her.

Rif: What! I don't frolic!

Killfith: You were frolicking two seconds ago.

Rif: Augh! Geez! Let's just go!

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