Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Six, Part Two


Man: These are the ones who trespassed yesterday, Lord Tram.

Tram: (...) How surprising... These children are really their comrades...?

Rif: (grumbles) What are you talking about, I'm not a child…

Tram: What...?

Rif: What do you mean, ‘their comrades?’ Why did you feel the need to put us through all of this?!

(Something catches Killfith's attention. Anise walks up.)

Anise: You want to know why, do you...? Ha! I can think of a couple of good reasons.

Rif: It's you...! But what are you doing here...?

Murno: …

Tram: Anise, are you feeling better already?

Anise: I am, thanks to your assistance, Tram.
    -Once it got out that I had escaped from her cohorts, these guys started chasing me, even diving into the river after me… but honestly, that’s the last thing I remember…

Tram: You drifted all the way up here, and I don't believe it was by accident. Magdorad helped you of his own volition.
    -He couldn't help but want to save you.

Rif: I don't believe it, you guys are friends...!

Anise: Friends... well...

Tram: That's right, Anise is our friend! And you are the friends of our enemies!
    -She stuck with you all this time just to ensure that neither the village nor I would be deceived by your lies!
   -(to Anise) Don't worry, no one feels any bitterness towards you. No matter what, this will always be your home.

Rif: (annoyed) Wait a minute here! What are you talking about? We don't have anything to do with Anise or her friends!
    -What are you accusing us of, anyway? You said she protected the village from us! What exactly did we ever do to you?!

Tram: Don't try to play me for a fool. As Voijin's underlings, you know very well what he did to Louise Village…
    -Don't tell me you've forgotten!

Rif: Voijin's underlings...? What are you talking about?

Anise: Ha! Did you hit your head so hard you forgot your own boss’s name?
    -However, if you pretend that you’ve forgotten how you attacked this village, I won't let it slide so easily!

Rif: How dare you accuse me of something like that when you were the ones who attacked Murno's Village!

Tram: (!) What...?

Rif: Listen to me! I'm a Craftknight! I've never met this Voijin person…
    -And I’ve certainly never attacked any villages!

Tram: (puzzled) Craftknight?

Rif: I forge weapons side-by-side with Killfith. I had a hammer with me when you found me, right?

Tram: Hammer? Ah, yes. You had it because you're a Craftknight?

Rif: Yes! A hammer is a Craftknight's life! So give it back!

Tram: (turns to the white-haired man, uncertain) Is that true, Gallahan?

Gallahan: For Craftknights, blacksmiths, or anyone who takes part in smithing, a hammer is indeed their life and livelihood.

Tram: (sweatdrops) Well, you may be a Craftknight as you say.

Rif: I am a Craftknight!

Tram: But do you have any proof that you're not Voijin's accomplices?

Rif: ...!

Killfith: (...) Well? Say something already.

Rif: Shut up, I'm thinking.

Murno: Please listen to us! Rif is telling you the truth!
    -We don't know anyone called Voijin. How could we possibly be his comrades?
    -My village was attacked by Anise and some others, so I was running away... She was the one chasing me!

Killfith: Murno...

Tram: She was chasing you? Why?

Murno: Because of what I was carrying with me... Govan's Demon Stone.

Tram: (!)

Murno: The demon stone is a trigger for disaster. Please, you have to return it to me before any misfortune visits upon this village.

Tram: The demon...?
    -Miss Murno, would you mind explaining to the two of us exactly what this is about?

Murno: I don't mind.

Rif: Wait, Murno?

Murno: Don't worry about me. Killfith, you too, okay?

Killfith: (looking away, troubled) Tch… who on earth is worrying?

Anise: (annoyed) What is this farce?! What will you do if these children already know about Lord Nushi?
    -If we don't do something about these brats quickly...

Gallahan: And how exactly do you intend to deal with them in such short order?
    -Do you want to dye yourself in the same blood red as Voijin and his men, dealing with matters as they would deal with them?

Anise: Kh…!
    -Then, what should be done with them?

Gallahan: What indeed...
    -Perhaps I should test them to see if they really are Craftknights.

Rif: Test us…  does that mean you know what it means to be a Craftknight?

Gallahan: Not exactly… however, I’ve worked as a blacksmith for longer than you’ve been alive.

Rif: I got it… in other words, you want us to prove our worth!

Killfith: If that’s what you want…

Gallahan: As you've said, little miss. Now, follow me.

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