Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day Five, Part Nine

(Rif and Killfith beat Anise into the ground, for she is something of a wimp)

Rif: Killfith, get Murno!

Killfith: Got it.
    -(helps Murno)

Anise: Damn…

Jade: I see you’ve gotten better, Rif. You kids looked pretty awesome back there.

Rif: Oh really? Heehee…

Lemmy: Honestly, you are too reckless…

Jade: Now then, I think you all owe us a detailed explanation for what’s going on here.

Pike and Gillan: …

Anise: And let it escape...?

Rif: Don't tell me you still want to fight!

Anise: I need to have it... it's that demon stone's fault that he... Voijin…
    -Voijin died because of that thing!

Murno: (!) Because of the demon stone?! No…
    -(takes off)

Killfith: Wait! Murno!

Anise: I won't let it escape!

Rif: Stop!

Pike: (gets up, grinning) ...!

Jade: Don't even think about it!

While Pike and Gillan face Jade and Lemmy, everyone else is standing near the edge of a cliff.

Anise: Let me go! The demon stone—I will—! I will have it!!

Killfith: Rif! You have to get Murno!

Rif: Right!

(Rif approaches, but Murno backs up, nervous)

Murno: No... don’t, Rif... you shouldn't come near me…
    -If you have anything to with me…

Rif: Murno, calm down! Please!

Murno: Ah... yeah…
    -(collapses, panting)

Killfith: Murno—

Anise: Give me the demon stone!

(Anise pulls free of Killfith. Murno, alarmed, starts to back up—over the edge of the cliff)

Murno: Ah—!

Rif: MURNO!!!
    -(runs forward and grabs her just in time)

Murno: Rif...

Anise: I will...!

(She runs towards them; flash of white)

Murno: Eeaaa!

Rif: Wa—waaaugh!

(They all fall down into the river below. Killfith looks over the cliff edge.)

Killfith: Murno! Rif!
    -(jumps after them)

(The scene fades)

(Nighttime; Rif is lying face-down in a prison cell.)

(She shakes her head and slowly gets up)

Rif: Where on earth is this?
    -Killfith...?! Murno?!
    -(!) Huh? Where are my weapons? Where's my pack?!
    -Huhh?! My hammer's not here either?!

(Panicking, she checks the exit)

Rif: What...? The door won't open! Does this mean I can't get out?!
    -Hey! What's going on?! Please! Is anybody there?!!
    -(annoyed) Open up! Darn it! I need to know where everyone is!!!

???: SHUT UP!

Rif: Wh—wha...? Um… who's there?

???: Sheesh... just when the girl next to her had quieted down...
    -Fine! But I won't keep saying it! We'll conduct your investigation tomorrow. For today, just be quiet and go to sleep!

Rif: What? The girl next door to me?! Please! Wait! What do you—

???: Quiet! How many times do I have to tell you!

Rif: ... But… I just wanted…

(She walks back to pile of hay)

Rif: (...) Why did they have to lock me up in here? How on earth did it come to this...?

???: ...

Rif: (!) Huh? That voice just now, wasn't that…

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