Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day Six, Part Five

(Outside the cell is the prison guard, unconscious)

Rif: Holy crap, what the—?

Prison Guard: ... (groans)

Rif: (takes a step closer) Is he asleep...? … How on earth?

Prison Guard: Ghh…

Rif: Whatever, we don't have any time to lose. Killfith, what are you waiting for?!

Killfith: This key he slid under the door isn't working! I can't get out!

Rif: All right, hold on! I'll find a way to unlock it!

(She inspects the door)

Rif: Seems it needs a different key from mine… I wonder if my hammer could break this lock.

At the lower left-hand corner of the room lies Rif’s pack with all her stuff. She grabs it.

(Pack returned!)

Rif: (takes out her hammer) Sorry about this, but I'm going to have to smash you!
    -(slams hammer against the door lock)
    -All right, it's open! Killfith!

Killfith: God you're slow.
    -(steps out)

Rif: Now all that's left is to get rid of those handcuffs!

Killfith: Then hurry up already!

Rif: (fiddles with the handcuffs) Oookay, just one more second... okay, so if I do it like this...?

Killfith: …

Rif: So if I... look over here and... huh? How do I…?!

Killfith: …

Rif: (frustrated) This thing is too much of a pain, I'll just break it!

Killfith: Hey, watch where you swing that thing!

Rif: Ready or not!

(A slightly panicked Killfith watches as Rif smashes the handcuffs with her hammer. She's happy, but he is rather exasperated.)

Rif: Well, now that we're done with that!

Killfith: You moron, couldn't you think of a better way to get them off than to just break them?

Rif: We don’t have time for anything else. Murno is being held on the outskirts of this village, in the dungeon of this place called Requiem’s Submerged Ruins!
    -We have to hurry!

(Outside the prison)

Rif: The village must be thataway…

(They look to the upper right-hand corner of the screen)

Rif: Right! Let's hurry!

Killfith: (looks at Rif) …

Rif: What is it?

Killfith: Quit gaping like an idiot. Do you want to be seen?

Rif: What are you talking about, I wasn't gaping at all!

Killfith: Lower your voice already. Do you want to be caught?

Rif: … Right, I got it.

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