Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day Three, Part Eight

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's head back to the inn, okay?

Killfith: ...

Rif: Are those men from before still on your mind?

Killfith: ...

Rif: ... I understand, and I won't ask anything about it! You already promised Murno.
    -But if that changes, will you tell me then?

Killfith: ... If I feel like it...

As you approach the inn, an unexpected voice unexpected calls out…

Zakk: Heey! Rif!

Rif: (?)

Lemmy: Honestly, why did you have to call out to them, specifically?

Zakk: Ah! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!

Rif: What are you two doing here?

Zakk: We're on our way to transport some ore. We took the Summon Creature Train.

Lemmy: What I want to know is what you are doing here...

Rif: Geez, where do I even start... a whole lot of things, as it turns out...
    -Are you guys staying the night here?

Zakk: Yeah. Going to town by the Summon Creature Train is a two-day trip.

Killfith: How leisurely of you.

Zakk: It's because we brought so much luggage on board. We can't go up or down too steep a slope, you know.

Rif: If you're staying the night, does that mean you're staying at the Smile Cottage Inn?

Lemmy: Smile Cottage? So that was an inn up there...

Zakk: Nah. There's another of Bostaph's Workshops here. We're staying there.

Rif: Is that right... Ahaha, thank goodness...

Lemmy: What a rare sight. You don't seem as energetic as usual. Perhaps it was something you ate?

Rif: Heh… well, they said the meals were delicious, but you know... haha...

Lemmy: …
    -I see… goodbye, then.
    -(walks away)

Zakk: Ah, Lemmy!

Rif: Well… shall we go?

Killfith: Got it.

Lemmy: (…) What's with her...?

Zakk: Looks like they really aren't doing so well. Should we be worried?

Lemmy: Worried? Who?

Zakk: Huh?! I'm sorry, of course we wouldn't be worried at all!

Lemmy: (sigh) Good grief…

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