Friday, March 18, 2011

Day Six, Part Thirteen

(After Anise has been taken away)

Tram: I can only offer you my deepest apologies for all that has transpired. I will have the demon stone returned to you forthwith.

Killfith: Is that all you have to say? You don't honestly think we'll forgive you with a mere apology, do you?

Gallahan: Tram had a duty to protect Lord Nushi, so much of this could not be helped.

Killfith: Couldn't be helped? Don't even try to screw with me, geezer!

Gallahan: Watch your language, young man.

(Rif notices Murno staring off towards the left)

Rif: What is it? Is there something there?

Murno: The mounds of crystal in this place... although they seem to be broken here... they look the same as the ones from my village…

Tram: Ahh... do you mean the enchanted crystals?

Rif: Enchanted crystals...?

Tram: There’s a possibility that the person who founded this village originally came from your village.
    -Above these Submerged Ruins is another set of ruins where there might still be some enchanted crystals left intact, but…

Murno: Would you be able to show them to us? I want to see if they’re the same as the ones I know.

Tram: Unfortunately, no one is allowed to enter Gumag's Blazing Ruins.

Rif: Are you serious? After everything you've put us through, letting us go there would be the very least you could do!

Tram: That is not a good enough reason to allow entry into a place that is strictly prohibited. Even aside from that, just going in there…
    -The ruins are filled to the brim with Summon Creatures. I don’t see how you would be able to fight your way through them just to reach the crystals deep within…

Rif: Excuse me?! Are you calling us weak? You wanna take us on and find out for yourself what we're made of?

Gallahan: (!) That's it, a match! Since you're a Craftknight, there's no reason why we can't settle this by way of a match!

Rif: You know, I wasn't really serious…

Gallahan: In this village, I believe the most suitable place for such a match to be held would be in the “Time of Judgment”…
    -And once there, how about you compete one-on-one with Tram?

Rif: You want me to fight in some place called the Time of Judgment?!

Gallahan: That's right. Mano-a-mano between you and Tram, with no interference from any Summon Creatures. If you win, then as part of our apology to you, we shall guide you through the Blazing Ruins.
    -But if Tram wins, you'll all float back down the stream where you came from without complaint!

Tram: (panicky) But, Gallahan! I don't think a match just now is well-advised.

Gallahan: I'm tired of all this endless prattle, so it’s settled!
    -Be sure to prepare yourself!

Tram: Please hold on just a moment! First and foremost, the Time of Judgment is in the Blazing Ruins, so doesn’t that defeat the purpose a little...!
    -(runs after)

Killfith: Will this really be okay?

Rif: Why wouldn't it be? Anyway, let's head back.


-After some more debate, we set the match with Tram for tomorrow.
-We also decided that we would be staying in Gallahan's house for the night.
-But none of that really matters, because either way I’m going to win!

Rif: There's not really that much to think about concerning the one-on-one match with Tram.
    -Instead, all I can think is that no one knows where we are right now or what kind of mess we've gotten into. I wonder if they're worried…
    -I wonder what everyone's doing now…

    -Some of Master's stew about now would really hit the spot.
    -I miss seeing Aniki's scary face.
    -I wonder what Tier’s been up to lately?

Rif: (?) I wonder if someone's there... could it be—

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