Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day One, Part Four

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let’s deliver this hammer to Zakk! If I recall correctly, he said he was going to the station.

Killfith: Station?

Rif: Yeah, the train station. It’s there to transport things like ore and luggage.
    -A Summon Creature pulls the train cars so it can move from place to place.

(At the train station, Lemmy is panting on the ground)

Rif: Hey, what happened?

Zakk: He just… Lemmy…!

Lemmy: (gets up) It is of no business of yours.

Rif: Wh—!
    -Ahh… I see. You’re right, it’s none my business.

Lemmy: Then perhaps you should do us both a favor and meander elsewhere. You’re only a nuisance here.

Rif: You are so rude! Anyway, the only reason I came was to return this.

(Returned Zakk’s hammer)

Zakk: Ack! Isn’t this my hammer?! Did I drop this before?

Rif: A hammer is a blacksmith’s most valuable possession. Don’t let yourself lose it a second time!

Zakk: Thank you!
    -I mean, no thank you! Wait. Err…

Rif: Actually, Killfith’s the one who found it. If you’re going to thank anyone, you should thank him.

Zakk: I understand. Thank you.

Killfith: Oh, for… just pay more attention when you go flailing off.

Zakk: Umm… I’m sorry. I’ll be…
    -Wait, that’s not what I meant!

Lemmy: If you have completed your task, then do us the kindness of running back home.

Zakk: Lemmy…

Rif: Now that we’ve got that behind us, we should be going too, Killfith.

Killfith: Whatever you want.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Now off to collect materials at Manig Mine!

Killfith: Hm? Yeah…

Rif: Eh?! That’s it? Why are you so obedient all of a sudden? It’s kind of freaking me out.

Killfith: Huh? Did you say something just now?

Rif: Did I… Um, were you not actually listening to me before?

Killfith: Why? Were you insulting me? If you were, I won’t let you off lightly!

(Manig Mine)

Rif: Okay, now we can collect some weapon materials!
    -There are a lot of Strays around here, so we’ll have to be careful.

Killfith: ‘Be careful?’ Exactly who do you think you’re talking to?

Rif: This is so cool! Now that I have a partner, I can go as far in as I want to!

(Concerning Field Action)

Info: While in a dungeon area, you can use your weapon to destroy crates and barrels and such things as well as various gimmicks (plants, boulders, tree trunks, etc.).
     -Each gimmick can be destroyed by a specific weapon type. You can change which weapon you use in the field by using the LR buttons.
    -Once you have destroyed a gimmick, you may be able to obtain an item.

(Side Conversation)
Killfith: Even though it looks like there are Summon Strays around here, it seems they’re all small fries…

Rif: Really? Sounds promising!

Killfith: Tch… so long as you don’t mind fighting small fries.

Rif: Why would I?

And then they come to a pair of bridges…

Rif: Huh? Is something wrong?

Killfith: You… haven’t noticed anything unusual?

Rif: Noticed what?

Killfith: It’s nothing. Let’s test to see how your luck is.

Rif: What is that supposed to mean?

Killfith: …

Rif: Don’t say weird, random things… gee whiz!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Which bridge should we take?

Killfith: Heh… I wonder.

Rif: Ugh, you’re impossible!

(If you choose the upper bridge  >Upper
If you choose the lower bridge  >Lower)

(Killfith stops abruptly)

Killfith: Looks like you don’t have any luck after all.

Rif: Huh? What are you talking abou…

(The bridge collapses)

Rif: WAHH?!

(Rif ends up inside the chasm)

Rif: Whoa… That really surprised me…

Killfith: …

Rif: Eh?

Killfith: Ahahahaha

Rif: Wha—
    -Is he laughing at me?!

(On the surface)

Killfith: Tch… what took you so long?

Rif: Hey, what was that about?!

Killfith: What was what about?

Rif: Don’t tell me… you knew that the bridge was going to collapse, but you kept quiet about it?

Killfith: Amazing, you got it right.

Rif: Why you—why didn’t you tell me?!  >Working Together

(The upper bridge collapses)

Rif: Did you see that? That bridge just collapsed.

Killfith: It seems like you have pretty good luck, after all. How disappointing.

Rif: Is that what you were talking about before?! You noticed that the bridge was about to collapse?

Killfith: Of course I did.

Rif: If you did, then why didn’t you tell me?  >Working Together

Working Together
Killfith: Exactly why would it be necessary to inform an imbecile like you about it?

Rif: What is with you? Did the fact that you’re my partner just slip your mind?

Killfith: It’s more like I remembered that I wanted to test your luck.

Rif: Why you…!

Killfith: Bridges are bound to collapse every now and then…. Do you mean to take away what little fun I can get?

Rif: Wha—what’s that supposed to mean?!

Killfith: …

Rif: Good grief! You’re not going to tell me, are you?
    -Just forget it! We’re going!

(A monster appears)

Rif: Killfith, look out!

(Fight ensues. Killfith can’t do much damage, so Rif comes to the rescue)

Rif: I wonder why your attack didn’t work against that Stray… Are you all right, Killfith?

Killfith: You want to know if I’m all right? Just who do you think you’re talking to?

Rif: You… again with that…

Killfith: …

Rif: Ahahahaha! You’re so awesome.

Killfith: Wha—what?

Rif: Oh, nothing. If you can still play it cool like that, then you’re definitely all right.

Killfith: You’re awfully composed… even though you came to my rescue, your attitude hasn’t changed much at all.

Rif: Should it? Since we’re partners, it’s only natural that we should help each other out, don’t you think?

Killfith: Because we’re partners?

Rif: Besides, if you got hurt, wouldn’t Murno be sad, too?

Killfith: Tch…

Rif: Then let’s keep going!

???: Waahh!

Rif: What happened? Did somebody just fall through the bridge?!

Killfith: Didn’t that voice belong to that Zakk kid?

Rif: Let’s go check it out!

Rif: (?)
    -Wait a second…
    -Didn’t that bridge already collapse? How on earth did he fall down?!

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