Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Seven, Part Seven

Eventually, they enter the room they've been looking for. Killfith pauses.

Killfith: Tch... this room gives me an even worse feeling than all the rest of the place.

(They walk forward and see the enchanted crystals)

Rif: That must be what Murno was looking for.

Magdorad: Grroar…

Rif: And there's Magdorad... just as impressive as I remember...

(Murno takes a few steps forward)

Killfith: Hey...! What are you doing? Come back here!

Murno: It's all right. Although he looks a little scary, I don't think he'll do anything to hurt us.

Rif: Are you sure about that...?

Tram: It's true. Unless a Summoning Master gives him a direct order, he will not commit any violence against us.
    -Or perhaps you're simply frightened?

Rif: What?! I'm not scared at all!

Tram: Then hurry on. Be of some use.

(quick fade to black)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: How am I supposed to help Murno look at enchanted crystals?

Killfith: By not getting in the way.

Rif: All right, I got it!

Once she gets bored of twiddling her thumbs...

Rif: Well, Murno? What do you think?

Murno: These enchanted crystals... I'm still not sure if they're exactly the same as the ones from my village...

Killfith: Tch... I'm getting a really unpleasant feeling. Are they resonating with Govan's Demon Stone?

Murno: With the demon stone...? (looks at it)

Killfith: This feeling... that's right... it's similar to the sense I got when we left the village...

Rif: What...? I don't get it, what's going on?

(Murno looks at the demon stone)

Murno: In the demon stone, there's something...

(flash of light)

Rif: Crap! What is it now?!

Magdorad: (!) Grrroaaarr...

Tram: Magdorad, what's wrong?

Killfith: Tch...! That unpleasant feeling I had just got a lot worse.

Murno: I don't believe... could this have been the cause of all the Summon Creatures becoming violent...?!

Magdorad: GRRAAAAHHH!!!
    -(shoots off a fireball)

Murno: AIEEE!

Rif: Murno! Are you okay?!

Tram: What's wrong with you, Magdorad?!

Killfith: Didn't you say he wouldn't do anything unless a Summoning Master ordered him to?!

Tram: This can't be...! I never gave an order...!
    -It's dangerous here! We must retreat for now!

(Outside the ruins)

Gallahan: Are you all safe? What in God's name happened down there?!

Tram: Magdorad suddenly turned against us. We must notify everyone!

Gallahan: Understood. But what about you?

Tram: If we’re to have any chance whatsoever, I'll have to ready the Phantom Dragon.

Gallahan: I see. Perhaps we should bring Anise along to help, as well.

Tram: Perhaps we should. Calling Anise here might be our only hope.

Rif: (...) What should the three of us do?

Tram: You should escape immediately! I don't know what will happen, so you should flee from here as quickly as you can!

Rif: Run away...

    -Understood! We'll get out of here.  >Following Orders
    -Hold on a minute.  >Not So Fast

Following Orders
Rif: He's right! We should go, Murno!

Murno: Wait! Isn't there anything I can do to help?

Rif: Murno?!

Gallahan: What are you talking about! This isn't a matter for children to get involved in. You need to leave quickly!

Murno: It might have been my fault that Magdorad started acting out. For me to just run away...

Killfith: Murno...
    -I understand what you're trying to say, but you'd only get in the way.

Rif: Wait, Killfith, what are you saying?!

Killfith: (to Rif) Which is why in Murno's place, you'll be helping out instead. Got it?

Rif: Oh... yeah... I got it.

Murno: Thank you, Killfith.

Killfith: (blushes and looks away) Tch... it was nothing.

Gallahan: (annoyed) Listen! This isn't a game!

Rif: I know that... but we are Craftknights, and that means there's something we can do.
    -... Don't you think, Killfith?

Killfith: Tch... of course.

Gallahan: Rif... you can be awfully stubborn when you want to be, can't you? Tram, what do you think?

Tram: Thank you, Killfith...
    -In that case, please go to the prison watchman and have him bring Anise here.

Rif: Understood!  >Tasks

Not So Fast
Rif: I am a Craftknight! I can't run away just because the going gets tough! There must be something I can do to help.

Killfith: Tch... I thought you might say something like that.

Murno: Rif, Killfith...

Gallahan: Don't spout off the first idiot thing that comes to mind! You kids should hurry and find a safe place!

Rif: No way! There should be something we can do here besides run!

Gallahan: Rif... you can be awfully stubborn when you want to, can't you? Tram, what do you think?

Tram: Thank you, Rif, Killfith...
    -In that case, please assist the prison watchman in bringing Anise here.

Rif: Go to the prison. No problem!  >Tasks

Tram: Miss Murno, you go with Gallahan!

Gallahan: (to Rif) Leave Murno up to me. Under no circumstances are you to do anything reckless! Understood?

Rif: Yes, sir!

Murno: Rif, Killfith, take care, both of you.

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