Monday, November 29, 2010

Day Zero, Part Four

(Sound of a crash in the other room)

V.E: What was that sound? Do we have a customer?
    -Anyway, you just keep up the good work!

(V.E leaves the Workshop)

Rif: All right! Gotta keep training!

Info: To equip your weapon for combat, press Select to bring up the Command Menu.
     -You can equip up to three weapons at a time. To switch weapons inside of combat, you can press the L button.

(Rif leaves the workshop)

V.E: Hey, just wait a minute!

Rif: (?) Master?

V.E: Aaaugghh!!!

Rif: (!) What was that?! What just happened?!

(She runs forward and sees a strange Summon Creature)

Rif: What on earth?! Are those wings?! A Summon Creature!

V.E: Hey, I said wait…! Urgh…!

Rif: Master?!

V.E: Owowowow!

Rif: Master, how did you get hurt?! Did that guy just now do this to you?!

V.E: My arm may have gotten a little twisted, but it’s not such a big deal. Guess this job can get pretty dangerous, huh…

Rif: That creep! Why I oughta…!

V.E: (!) Just wait, Rif!

Rif: Why should I?! Someone just tried to do you in! I can’t stand by and let him get away with it!

V.E: Do me in?! You’ll ruin my reputation with that kind of talk! There’s no way a little thing like this will keep me down.

Rif: But Master, he hurt you…

V.E: That’s right. For him to be able to give me this kind of injury, he must be a strong Summon Creature.
     -Being in your company is really too heavy a burden. You want to go rushing into trouble every hour of every day, but I’m the one who has to beg your parents’ forgiveness if you get hurt.

Rif: But…!

V.E: In any case, I’ve never seen a Summon Creature like that around here before, and something tells me he wasn’t a Stray.

Rif: Do you mean there’s a Summoner nearby?

V.E: Who knows… Only, he probably wouldn’t have come unless he had an important task to carry out.

Rif: Why would you think that?

V.E: There was no real fire behind his attack. I doubt he was targeting me or the workshop.

Rif: …

V.E: Still, he was acting pretty suspiciously. I should notify Chief about this. Meanwhile, I want you to stay put like a good girl.

Rif: Huh?

V.E: Understood?

Rif: Uh, yes…

(V.E departs)

Rif: Ooh, ‘stay put like a good girl,’ she says… She didn’t have to patronize me like that! It’s not like I’d do anything stupid.

//This goes basically the same no matter which Partner you have selected. The only difference is how you refer to him/her: for Killfith, it’s “black-winged man,” for RUN-DOR, it’s “drill-headed guy,” for Enzi, it’s “messy-maned beast,” and for Rufeel, it’s “sharp, spiky head.”//

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