Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day Eight, Part Six

Cuddling Kills
(Gillan wraps his arms around Rif’s neck and starts nuzzling her.)

Rif: HUH?!
    -What are you doing?! Let me go! Let me go now!!

Killfith: Rif!

Gillan: You’d best behave, Summon Creature. If you don’t, then—well, I do have a nice grip on the little miss’s neck…

Killfith: …!

Pike: So what’s the plan now?

Anise: I know… we should exchange these kids’ lives for Govan’s Demon Stone… what do you say?

Rif and Killfith: (!)

Rif: What did you say? Stop it! Let me go! You’re disgusting!

Gillan: (…) Oi, you want me to strangle you…?
    -(grip tightens)

Rif: (!) Th-that hurts… owowow!

Gillan: And now, this… this is for calling me disgusting…
    -(Grips even tighter)

Rif: (panicking) AAUUGH!

Gillan: A little punishment is necessary… for a kid like this…

Anise: Heh… that sounds good. Be my guest.

(Gillan releases Rif)

Gillan: Heheheh… prepare yourself, because there is plenty of punishment awaiting you.

Rif: Wh-what the heck! Who do you think you are, you…!

Gillan: First of all, let’s shut up that big mouth of yours!

(Punches Rif in the face twice, while Killfith panics behind her)

Killfith: Rif?!

(Rif collapses to the ground and blacks out, as does the screen.)

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