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Day Five Side Quests


Skewers for Sale
(Red-head standing outside Benson's Workshop)
Traveling Saleswoman's Daughter: My mother is a traveling saleswoman. Right now, our traveling store is starting to become a lot more popular with two kinds of people, Craftknights and blacksmiths.
    -I have plans for the future to make our shop big, so for now, I need to work hard to earn enough to pay for travel expenses. But, that's beside the point.
    -By the way, you look like a Craftknight. How about I give you a little inside information on upgrading?

    -I’ll listen.
    -I’ll hold off on that.

TS’s Daughter: All righty. Okay then, if you use a “Legendary Iron Skewer” when you upgrade, it will add the effect “Penetrate” to your weapon.
    -And for a limited time only, I’ll be selling a Legendary Iron Skewer for 1000 Boam.
    -Would you like to buy one?

    -No thanks

(Obtained Legendary Iron Skewer!)

TS's Daughter: Thank you~.

Stray Extermination

//These are a couple of special side quests you can get if you go into the Council of Gold and talk directly to Janna Mortier.//

Janna: Oh my, it's you... that's right... perhaps this girl might be useful...

Rif: Yes? Is there something you need?

Janna: In case you did not already know, we are the Council of Gold. We manage all matters relating to the Summoning Arts in this entire region.
    -This means that we are the ones who punish Summoners who abuse the Summoning Arts and cause injury to other people.
    -That also includes the extermination of Summon Creatures that became Strays after they're called upon by these Summoners.

Rif: I see.

Janna: From what I understand, you have some considerable skill, do you not?
    -How do you feel about making use of those skills in some work exterminating Strays?
    -If you do admirably in your exterminations, we would be sure to reward you with some excellent materials you would be able to use to upgrade your weapons.
    -I’m sure that would have more value to you than a mere handful of Boams.

Rif: Well…

Janna: If you think that you want to accept this job, please let me know.

Upon speaking to her again:
Janna: If it's about the Stray extermination job, right now we have someone at the front desk who will be able to give you an introduction. Will you give it a try?
    -We have a confirmation of one Hulking Ogre in Bayreat Forest.

(Accept the job?)

(Received Council's Dispatch Notice!)

So then you talk to the blond purpley guy at the desk.
Receptionist: Hm, you seem awfully young... how did you come upon this job?
    -Anyway... through here we mediate jobs corresponding to the increase in the number of Summon Creatures.
    -It's a simple job and it doesn't pay much, but it is due to our steady efforts in protecting this town that it is kept peaceful.
    -How about it? If you think you might want to do it, you must proceed without reservation.

Once you have defeated a Hulking Ogre (#46 in the Beastiary), talk to Janna again:
Janna: Seems you managed to exterminate the Stray. Thank you for your hard work. Accept this as compensation for your efforts.

(Obtained Lightning Crystal!)

If you want to do another job, go to the receptionist again.
Reception: You want another job? Today's job is pretty grave, you sure you want to do it?
    -Are you sure you want to seek out and the exterminate 10 Mud Boxers in the Flawed Caves?

(Accept job?)

(Received Council's Dispatch Notice!)

And once you’re done defeating ten #51 Strays:
Receptionist: Hm, looks like you've finished the job. Good work. Here's your compensation.

(Obtained Talisman of Lightning!)

Accepting the Quests

To get this item, you need to go fishing.
(Green-looking fellow in the pawn shop)
Salesman: Why is it my search has been in vain? All this time, why is it I haven't found a Backlight?
    -If someone were able to bring me one, I would be sure to exchange it for something good.

They’re just making these names up
(dark-haired dude next to the green statue of a wizard)
Man: My wizard friend here wants to order a weapon.
    -It's called a Survivor Sword. I—I mean my friend—really wants it, but...
    -We don't exactly have any Ranger Mineral on our hands.

(Accept order?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Man: By the way, we don't have a shapestone, either. Well, have fun!

Here kitty kitty
Cat-Lover: Excuse me, but have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -Could you save her for me? I have a feeling that she might be purring right now.

Zakk needs a weapon!
Zakk: Hey... can I ask you to make a weapon for me?

Rif: Huh? What are you asking me for?

Zakk: I'd already asked some other people I know, but they couldn't do it. I wondered if I should ask Lemmy...
    -But he's so busy, you know. But then I thought of you, and I figured you might have some free time, so...

Rif: Hey, why do you automatically assume I'm not busy?

Zakk: Anyway, what do you think? Will you make a weapon for me?

(Accept weapon order?)
    -Yes  >Why not
    -No  >Sorry, pal

Sorry, pal
Rif: Ummm, I don't think I'd be able to do it right now...

Why not
Rif: Sure, tell me what you need!

(Received Zakk's order for a weapon!)

Zakk: I wrote down there what kind of a weapon I need, so please do your best!

(The order says any weapon with a DEF of 30 or more)

Completing the Quests
(also known as, "this town is full of jerkwads")

To get this item, you need to go fishing.
Salesman: Why is it my search has been in vain? All this time, why is it I haven’t found a Backlight?
    -Perhaps because I have only looked in this town. I heard it's being sold as a premium item at a fishing hole somewhere.
    -Ohh, that's it, that right there!

(Hand over the Backlight?)
    -I think I'll keep it.

Salesman: Thanks a whole bunch. Please take this in exchange.

(Obtained Rock Star Crystal!)

Salesman: What? You don't think it's an amazing specimen?
    -I'm a skilled businessman, you know. Ahahahaha!

They’re just making these names up
Man: Look at this, even my wizard friend can tell this is the work of an immature Craftknight, and he's a statue. I can't pay money for this...

(Obtained Legendary Spring!)

Man: Although my wizard friend would still like to thank you for helping us out.

Here kitty kitty
Cat-Lover: Ohhh, yes, yes.
    -I beg your pardon, drifting off like that. Please take this by way of thanks.

(Obtained Workout Guide!)

Cat-Lover: Now, no more running off to dangerous places!

Zakk needs a weapon!
Zakk: Did you finish the weapon I asked for?

(Is the weapon ready?)

Rif: I've got the merchandise right here.

(After choosing a weapon with 30 DEF or more)

Zakk: Wow, no way! This is even better than I expected.
    -Thanks. Here, take this.

(Obtained Talisman of Raging Flames!)

Zakk: By the way... could you not tell Lemmy about this?

Rif: Of course, I understand.

Zakk: No, really, don't forget.

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