Friday, December 3, 2010

Day Zero, Part Seven

The two spike-haired dudes from the rival workshop are taking the girl away. Rif is on the ground, weakened from being tag-teamed and beat up.

Rif: No! I can’t let it end like this!
    -I have to help her! I have to… I must…!

(White light)
Protect her…!

Rif: What was…? That voice… did it come from the stone just now…?

//If you tried to “summon up” using the stone before, you get:
Rif: But nothing happened when I tried to use it before!

-Call out my name…
-You must call out…

Rif: Your name…? Please, tell me…!

-My name is…


(A white ball of light appears)

Goon: What’s that?!

???: Stop it! The Summonite is too close its raw form! You won’t be able to handle it!

Rif: Aaaauugghh!!

(Killfith appears)

???: You really… no way…

Rif: You’ve gotta be kidding… it’s the same Summon Creature!

Killfith: W-what’s happening… My power is… draining…?

(Killfith downgrades)

Rif: W-wait, why did you just turn into a kid?

Killfith: Tch…

???: Killfith…

Goon: Heh, I was pretty surprised when you pulled that Summonite outta nowhere, but seems all you could get is this kid.
    -Really, what a lame surprise.

Rif: Don’t let your guard down just yet.

Killfith: …

???: Looks like she didn’t have enough skill to summon you after all… A lot of your powers are gone.

Goon: Hey, what’s up? You gonna do somethin’? Little kid?

Killfith: …

Goon: What, so scared he can’t even talk, huh? Whatever, let’s go.

(He grabs the girl)

???: No…!

Goon: Shut your mouth!

Killfith: Silence…

Goon: What?

Killfith: I said to silence yourself. Your voice is grating on my ears, so quit letting your mouth flap open.

Goon: You wanna say that again! You better watch that trash comin’ outta your mouth! I’ll knock your lights out!

Killfith: Maybe the reason you can’t close your mouth is because you lost your brain in a garbage heap?

Goon: Why you…

???: Stop this!

Goon: Stay out of this! (punches girl)

Killfith: MURNO!!!

Rif: Murno?

Killfith: I was wrong… It’s not only your voice… It’s your existence…

Goon: What?

Killfith: Your existence itself is an eyesore! I’ll wipe you off the face of this planet!

(Killfith and Goon fight; Goon is defeated)

Goon: Shit! This brat…!

Killfith: Sounds like you still don’t know how to keep your mouth shut.

Goon: Urk…

Killfith: Eyesore…

Goon: D-dammit! (Goon and Creep run away)

Killfith: Trash…

Rif: Wow, even miniature you’re strong! That was so cool!

Killfith: …

Rif: Huh? What is it?

Killfith: You’re an eyesore, too. Perhaps I should wipe you out as well?

Rif: Excuse me?

Murno: Stop it, Killfith. You shouldn’t say such things.

Killfith: Tch…

Rif: Well, anyway, I’m just glad I could chase those guys off.

Murno: Yeah… um…

Rif: Hm?

Murno: I—I’m so sorry…

Rif: What are you apologizing for? You—your name is Murno, right?
    -Ah! I’m Rifmonica. I’m a Craftknight! … Apprentice.

Murno: Craftknight?

Rif: An expert of weapon craft! A master of the sword!

Murno: Oh.

Rif: Anyway, I wanted you to tell me a few things… ah, that’s right!
    -Does this mean that Summon Creature was yours this whole time?

Murno: … That’s right.

Rif: He attacked my master, and because of that now she’s hurt!

Murno: Is that true…?

Killfith: …

Murno: …

And guess who pops in?

V.E: Ooh, Rif. Who’re those kids with you?

Rif: Master, I found the Summon Creature who attacked you.

V.E: Seriously? Where is he?

Rif: Right here.

V.E: Huh?

Killfith: …


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