Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Eight, Part One

Rif: Okay! Today we have a meeting at the Council of Gold! … Well, easy enough to say…
    -The truth is, I'm really bad with speeches.

Killfith: Feeling self-conscious, are we?

Rif: ... That's not what I wanted you to say!
    -Anyway, I'll do my best. I just have to make everyone understand that Anise and her gang are trying to nab the demon stone!

Killfith: Heh... do the best you can.

Rif: For some reason, I feel kind of cheated, but thanks anyway!
    -All right! Let's go!

(Rif exits the forging room)

Tier: Oh, Rif, how are you? Were you able to sleep all right?

Rif: Yeah, I slept like a rock!

V.E: Is that so? I'd like to ask if you've already figured out what you're going to say, but…
    -Knowing you, I'd be happy just as long as your eight hours of sleep helped your brain to put everything in order.

Rif: You'll see! Soon we'll tell everyone flat-out how Anise and her friends have been trying to get the demon stone!
    -But if Master Bostaph really is friends with those guys, I wonder what'll happen…
    -Master Bostaph is still pretty suspicious... not to mention scary-looking...

Eliez: (...) Master Bostaph is... suspicious...?

Jade: (annoyed) Hey, Rif! Don't be so bent on distrusting someone just because they're ‘scary-looking!’

Rif: Uh, right! Sorry, Aniki.

Jade: Hold on there! What kind of apology was that?

Killfith: Hmph. If it's just a scary face that makes a villain…

(Everyone looks at Master Benson)

Benson: Hm?

Murno: Killfith, be nice!

Jade: Anyway, don't give that kind of nonsense a second thought. Okay, Eliez?

Eliez: (still upset, but with a small smile) ... Mmkay.

V.E: Well, shall we go, then?

Jade: We'll be waiting outside, so hurry up.

Eliez: I’ve got stuff I need to do, too!

(Everyone departs)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Today's the big meeting. Let's get to the Council of Gold and stir things up!

Killfith: I think you might actually be incapable of shutting up.

Rif: That’s beside the point!

(Outside the workshop)

V.E: Are you ready to go to the Council of Gold yet?

    -Of course I'm ready!  >To the Council
    -Just a little longer.  >Arg

V.E: Hurry up.

To the Council
V.E: All right, let's go.

Tier: Yay~!

V.E: Hold up, who said you're coming with us?!

Tier: Huh?!

Jade: There’s no helping it. Even if you came, there's nothing you could do.
    -Just keep an eye on the workshop for us.

Tier: Cheh… Fine, I'll just leave, then.

Jade: H-hey, wait up…

Murno: (to Killfith) I wonder where she went.

Killfith: Business transaction, probably.

Jade: Good grief. She goes off on her own just because of a little scolding.

V.E: Only because she didn't want to consent to a little house-sitting. Really, how dreadful.
    -Well, no point in dwelling on it. We have some business of our own to put in order.
    -Time to get serious! Put on your war face!

Rif: Yes, ma'am!

In front of Bostaph's workshop, Lemmy watches the group, fuming silently. Without a word, he goes into the workshop. Meanwhile, everyone else is staring after him.

Rif: What was that about...?

V.E: Don't get distracted. We’re moving out!

Rif: Uh—yes, ma'am.

(They head off; fade to black)


  1. Great job, stumbled upon your site through GameFAQs. I really like the fact that you aren't just translating, but actually making in enjoyable to read in English.

  2. when the next blog coming soon
    really need it
    and great job :)

  3. Thank you so much for working on this game! I've always wanted to play and it definitely helps.

  4. Please continue this! You're doing a good work and thanks to you I can enjoy this fantastic game ^^

  5. I was scratching through the internet like a maniac for a translation and this is a real savior. Plz dont drop this project, your doing every summon night's fan a huge favor here. Plz just dont drop, many thanks!;)

  6. How many days are in this game? It's really uplifting to know someone is still translating this game and making an effort to make it fun to read.

  7. NybCR you truely are a life saver.

    Do you have any way of contact? I need to ask you something regarding the translation patch project. (I don't know of any other way of contact, hope you will excuse me with this one)

  8. hope your alive and kicking, and helping on the patch too

  9. Is there any english patch(complete) fo' this game?

  10. Come on please finish the rest of the games were only 10 days long, just 2 more and youre done. Dont quit now.

  11. This is the latest? Hope you haven't quit this project of yours...

  12. Parakarry64 please continue this project id like to play this game in english please translate it well.....

  13. I am looking forward to new updates <3

  14. NybCR Please complete this project of yours...i really like to play this game in english.....please finish it....

  15. Like the one guy in ur @gbatemp said - refer to him for the actual links - if u need the translated texts go to /u/ now ^^

  16. When will u put in the rest of the days?? Not to mention Day Eight's second, third etc parts... REALLY hope ur alive! And healthy... Please finish this!!! Lots of people want to finish this great game and you've helped alot! Many dont know how to read Japanese so we cant help u..Sorry.......

  17. Are you still going to translate this?
    Please continue!! I would really like to know what happens next.. ;_;

  18. how is it going pal?

    there is a translation proyect here

    help if you are interested,


    1. I think there's something wrong with the link you gave me. Can you double-check it? Thanks!

    2. really? ok i will try again

      this one, sorry!

    3. or check the official site

    4. Cool! I was able to access it this time.

      O_O It looks more difficult than what I'm used to, since there's no context for each line of text... but I'll give it my best shot!

  19. you may want to translate menu and items, they havve no context because they are mainly descriptions, if you want, that is