Friday, December 17, 2010

Day One, Part Three

(In the store, if you ask around, someone tells you the chief is deeper inside the store.)

Chief: Oh? Who have you brought here, Rif? A Summon Creature?

Rif: Um, this is Killfith! He’s my partner. Together we’ll be making weapons!

Chief: Making… Where did you find him, exactly?

Rif: Weeell…
     -See, yesterday Master received some Summonite, and since I am after all a Craftknight, having a partner is essential.

Chief: It seems awfully sudden.

Rif: I guess it is pretty sudden.

Chief: But good for you! That boy looks to be a Summon Creature from the spirit world Sapureth. He is quite handsome, isn’t he?

Killfith: Do not treat me like a child.

Chief: Hohoho! It’s good for children to have some pluck. As Rif’s companion, you’ll need to be sharp.

Killfith: Do you not understand English, old man? If you persist in condescending to me, I will finish you.

Chief: D-did you say finish…?! Just what kind of a Summon Creature is this!

Rif: No, no, Chief, it’s just one of those jokes we kids have! He’s not being serious.

Killfith: Why you little…

Rif: If you’re really not a kid, then act your age. Any problems you make will affect Murno, too!

Killfith: … Tch…!

Chief: Was that really a joke?

Rif: Of course it was! Isn’t that right, Killfith?

Killfith: …

Rif: Right, Killfith?

Killfith: It… it was just a joke…

Rif: See? He even said so himself.

Chief: Well, I hope he learns to communicate himself better to others. But I suppose that will be just another thing you will work hard on in your training.

Rif: Yes, sir!
    -(steps away)
    -That was surprisingly simple. Thank goodness it’s over with.
    -Now let’s hurry home. We still have some training to do! Or so Master says, anyway.

Killfith: What…? We have to keep training in that workshop?

Rif: First we need to collect some materials. After all, we can’t forge empty-handed. Let’s go to Manig Mine.

Killfith: Manig Mine?

Rif: That’s where I always go to train. It’s also where you can pick up weapon materials that have been dropped.
    -That’s actually where I found your Summonite.

Killfith: Are you saying you thought my Summonite was weapon materials?

Chief: Hmm? What are you talking about over there?

Rif: Uh, no, it’s nothing! Don’t mind us!
    -Anyway, we’re off to Manig Mine!

(You now have the option to use Partner Blitz.)

Info: During battle, you have the option to alternate with your partner for a fixed amount of time.
     -In order to alternate with your partner, go to the Support option on the main menu and add in “Partner Blitz.” Then you will be able to use it at any time during combat.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Come on, we’re off to go train!

Killfith: …

Rif: I understand your concern for Murno, but if we go back, we’ll only be in the way. The best thing we can do for now is train!

Killfith: Wh-who is—! Stop screwing with me! There’s no way I would worry about anyone, ever!

Rif: Okay, okay, I got it, I got it.

Killfith: You’ve ‘got it’ completely wrong!

(Outside the shop)

???: Wahh! (thud)

Rif: (?) Did I just hear something?

(They run over to a little kid who has fallen down)

Rif: Hey, are you okay?

Zakk: I’m all right. Thank you…
    -Wait, aren’t you the Stray’s apprentice?! The one who works for the Summon Creature?!

Rif: My NAME is Rifmonica! And you should stop calling my Master ‘Stray.’ It’s no good to take after bad role models.

Zakk: Bad role… hey, leave Lemmy out of this! It’s got nothing to do with him!
    -And Lemmy’s not a bad role model! In fact, he’s a really good role model!

Rif: Sure, sure, if you say so. I’m soooo sorry.

Zakk: Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? If you’re trying to pick a fight…

Killfith: …

Zakk: Um… uh…? Is that Summon Creature…?

Rif: Ah, this is my partner. You can call him Killfith.

Zakk: Wow, that’s so cool! I’ve always wanted to be partners with a Summon Creature…
    -I mean, no! I get rid of Summon Creatures!

Rif: I don’t know… it seems like you might trip and fall in a fight.

Zakk: Sh-shut up! I’m outta here! Lemmy’s waiting for me by the station, anyway.
    -(runs off)

Rif: I guess he’s a pretty busy kid, huh.

(Killfith sees something on ground, and goes to pick it up.)

Killfith: Hm…? Hey, is this that kid’s…?

(Obtained Zakk’s hammer!)

Rif: Hold on, this couldn’t really be his hammer, could it?
    -What is he thinking? A hammer is a blacksmith’s life! To drop it so carelessly…

    -Return the hammer to Zakk.  >Good Deeds
    -Some stranger carelessly dropping his things has nothing to do with me.  >Dog Eat Dog

Good Deeds
Rif: I guess it can’t be helped. We really should return this.

Killfith: That person really seemed to hate you. And now you’re going through the trouble of helping out such an annoying dimwit?

Rif: I know, but it’s his hammer. I don’t know what I would do if I were ever separated from my hammer.

???: Well said!

Rif: Chief?! How long have you been standing there?

Chief: You displayed good character just now.
    -Never forget that heart, no matter what may come to pass!

Rif: Thank you, Chief.

Chief: Good! Now, I am off!  >What’s Right

Dog Eat Dog
Rif: We don’t really know if this is his hammer or…

Chief: …

Rif: Ch-chief?! Just how long have you been standing there?

Chief: Close your eyes, Rif.

Rif: Huh?

Chief: It will be easier for you to recall V.E’s face once you have closed your eyes!

Rif: Y—yes!

V.E: Remember this. You should never let yourself do or say something of poor character.

Rif: …

Chief: Well, do you understand now? What you must do?

Rif: Yeah. I’m sorry, Master V.E… That was really uncool of me just now…

Chief: Ah, a light… it seems you understand now.

Rif: Yes! Thank you, Chief!

Chief: Good! Now, I am off!  >What’s Right

What’s Right
Rif: All right! Time to track down that kid!

Killfith: You… really resemble…

Rif: What?

Killfith: It’s nothing.

Rif: ? Well, that’s okay. We’re off!

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