Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day Seven Side Quests


Do they have mountain springs in Lyndbaum?
(Brown-haired kid next to the blacksmith shop)
Child: Holy moly, you’ve got some durable bark there!
    -I’ll give you somma my Mountain Spring Water for it, whaddya say?


(Obtained Crystal Clear Water!)

Child: Heehee... and the winner is me.

Accepting the Quests

Maybe he’s into the black arts
(Dude to the right inside the shop)
Salesman: Excuse me, sorry to bother, but could you come here a moment?
    -If you go knocking around the local ruins, would you mind looking for an Ore of Darkness for me?
    -I'd be sure to give you something good in exchange.

Why does everyone want a weapon from you?
(Further down the area outside the blacksmith shop is a man with dark hair)
Man: You're a Craftknight, right?
    -Hmm, maybe I should order a weapon from you.
    -I really want this ax called a Common Ax...
    -But to make it, you know, you need some Common Crystal, first.

(Accept order?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Man: Have fun and don’t fall off any cliffs, okay?

Oh Infamous Kitty
(Blond ponytail girl inside a house to the right of the screen)
Cat-Lover: Hey, have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -Wherever she is, I'll bet she's purring right now, so please save her for me.

Completing the Quests

Maybe he’s into the black arts
Salesman: Ooh! That's it. Would you please give me one?

(Hand over Ore of Darkness?)

Salesman: Thank you. Please take this in its place.

(Obtained Cute Crystal!)

Salesman: Isn’t it a beauty?

Why does everyone want a weapon from you?
(After giving the man a Common Ax, which is a #17 Ax)

Man: Mm-hm, as I thought, compared with Gallahan's work, this thing feels downright dreadful.
    -So instead of money, this should work as payment, right?

(Obtained Cute Crystal!)

Man: Still, if I had the chance, I might ask for another weapon from you.

Oh Infamous Kitty
Cat-Lover: (to cat) Welcome back, Killfith!
    -Hm? Oh, Killfith is her name, doncha know.
    -Here, take this as thanks, okay?

(Obtained Cute Crystal!)

Cat-Lover: (to cat) Now, no more running off into the dangerous unknown for you!

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