Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day Six, Part Three

(Gallahan’s Workshop)

Rif: Is this your workshop?

Gallahan: Indeed. Now, we shall begin the test without further delay.

Rif: Exactly how are you going to test me? Are you going to ask me to make a weapon? Or test my skill with a sword?

Gallahan: First I will test your knowledge. I will ask you questions only a smith would know the answers to.

Rif: Perfect! Just wait, we'll get every answer! Right, Killfith?

Killfith: Whatever you say.

Gallahan: Now for your first question.
    -Including the hammer itself, how many weapon types are there?

Rif: Weapon types! Let me see...

    -5 types  >Wrong
    -6 types  >Wrong
    -7 types  >Passed the First

Gallahan: That is incorrect.
    -Perhaps you would like to discuss this with that Summon Creature before trying again!

//Interestingly enough, you get to keep trying until you get it right. Isn't that nice of him? Here are the various side conversations you can have during this time://

(First Question)
Rif: Hmm... how many weapon types are there?

Killfith: Tch… figure it out for yourself.

Rif: Yeah, I know I should… weeeell, he did say to add the hammer to that equation, so if I do that…

Killfith: Good grief…

(Second Question)
Rif: A sword, ax, or knuckle... which is heavier?

Killfith: Tch... figure it out for yourself.

Rif: Yeah, yeah, I know... well, maybe I can guess from which one looks the biggest...

(Third Question)
Rif: What is the most important thing when you forge a weapon?

Killfith: Why are you asking me that? Figure it out on your own!

Rif: I know that... I just want to be able to answer confidently, so I need to practice.

Killfith: Someone just stab me already…

Passed the First
Gallahan: Indeed… of course, something so simple is only to be expected of one who calls herself a Craftknight.
    -Therefore, onto the next question.
    -Which weapon is the heaviest?

Rif: The single heaviest weapon! That would be…

    -Sword  >Wrong
    -Ax  >Passed the Second
    -Knuckles  >Wrong

Passed the Second
Gallahan: Indeed. It would seem that you know a little bit about weapons after all.
    -Now for the final question.
    -What is the most important thing for a Craftknight in forging a weapon?

Rif: The most important thing...? Well…

    -A strong shapestone.  >Wrong
    -The most expensive composite items.  >Wrong
    -A hammer that you’ve put your soul into.  >Passed the Third

Passed the Third
Gallahan: Well… good answer!

//And if you got them all right the first time around:
    -You didn't even make a single mistake.

    -I see now. I believe I no longer need to test your knowledge.

Rif: Eheheh, so you understand now, right! I'm a Craftknight!

Gallahan: Bah! You would have at least this much knowledge if you were even a blacksmith.

Rif: Oh, is that so?

Killfith: Tch… that shouldn't surprise you.

Gallahan: (steps up to Rif) That being said, this is your next test.

(Obtained a broken sword and a hammer!)

Rif: This is my hammer! … And a busted-up sword? So basically, you want me to repair it?

Gallahan: That's right. Show me what you can do.

Rif: All right! I'll give it my best!

Killfith: (...) Before that, take off these annoying handcuffs. You can't honestly expect me to work with my hands literally tied.

Gallahan: True enough. Very well, I shall remove them for you.

Killfith: ... You can take them off, right?

Gallahan: (grins) Allow me.

(He walks up to Killfith and, as promised, removes the handcuffs)

Gallahan: There you have it. They're off.

Killfith: Heh... and now I'm free to do as I please...

Gallahan: Not as free as you might think. I just happen to have a sword on hand to ensure you don’t start getting any ideas.

Killfith: (surprised) Tch… what are you babbling about, human?
    -(This guy... too unpredictable...)

Gallahan: All right. Now, demonstrate you abilities.

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