Thursday, January 20, 2011

Night Three - Jade

Jade: What’s up, Rif?
    -That was a pretty amazing sigh, Miss Popularity.

Rif: Can't you have some sympathy, Aniki? I’m seriously worrying over here.

Jade: What do you know about worry? Unless you clearly did something bad?

Rif: It’s not that! I just need to…

Jade: Then who are you going to choose? Murno or Tier?

Rif: Choose—how is that the problem here?!

Jade: Isn’t it? Or is there someone else you like more?

Rif: It has nothing to do with any of that!
     -At first, she’d only asked me to work as a Craftknight, but then she brought up being a poster girl…

Jade: I think in this world, everyone wants to advance things according to their own desires. Given that, if you want to find your own way…
    -You’ll have to do it with your own strength!

Rif: Mmm… I’ll do my best…

Jade: But it’s fine, isn’t it? Considering you have the luxury of worrying about who you like best.
     -Even though I’m a single guy, I can’t seem to find anyone who'll hang out with me, whether they’re happy with me or not…

Rif: You’re so mean! Even though I’m a girl, you completely excluded me from that!

Jade: H-hey, that’s not what I meant to say at all…

Rif: Heehee… maybe you meant that you understand my feelings a little bit?

Jade: Tsh…! You just keep becoming more and more like V.E.

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