Friday, November 26, 2010

Day Zero, Part Two

(Man in front of mine)
Man: No one’s allowed inside Deikel Mine right now. Thanks to that earthquake the other day, a lot of places inside have been collapsing. It’s still too dangerous to venture inside.

As Rif nears the store, someone calls her.

Village Chief: Ohh, Rif.

Rif: Ah! Chief! (walks up to Chief)

Chief: Thank you for the part you played in repairing my sword. Already I can tell its killing edge is far superior since I last wielded it.
    -Be sure to pass on my thanks to V.E as well.
    -With some proper training, it won’t be long before you can become V.E’s right-hand man.

Rif: Yes, sir!

Chief: Ha! Good answer. And since I’m in a good mood today, how about I give you something special for all your hard work?

(Obtained Iron Ore!)

Rif: This is weapon material! Is it really all right for me to have this?!

Chief: Well, it is, after all, my ore from the shop’s stock. Don’t worry about it; it is yours to keep.

Rif: Chief… you’re so cool!

Chief: Thank you. However, I’ll only let you have it on the condition that you keep it a secret it from V.E. What do you say?

Rif: Yes! Thank you!

(Chief walks back into store)

Rif: I have all the materials I need! Now it’s back home to make a weapon!

(Woman next to gate)
Woman: In this world, I believe there are two kinds of people.
    -Those who love cats and those who don’t. Which one are you?

(Glowing blue sword)
The portal will not start up.

Rif walks on. In the next area, two spike-haired dudes are standing in the way. According to the text beneath their pictures, both are simply called “man,” but for the sake of avoiding confusion, they will be named here.
first dude: Goon
dude whose eyes are shadowed: Creep

Rif: What do you want?

Goon: What does a Stray Summon’s apprentice think she’s doin’, loiterin’ in front of our workshop?

Rif: What did you just call me?

Goon: Any Summon Creature who’s lost its owner is a Stray, so why don’t you do everyone a favor and get rid of it?
     -’Course, if you’re too weak to handle it, we could always take care of it for you.

Creep: That’s right! This shrimp is a comrade of the Summon Stray that injured our Master.
     -We won’t let it get away with that! Where was that freak summoned from, anyway? Loreilal?

Goon: No way it’s a mech. Maybe a demon from Silturn, whaddya think?

Creep: There’s no way! Maybe a devil from Sapureth… nah, not that. And definitely not a beast from Maetropa…

Goon: Musta come from a world that don’t got a name! What a useless Summon Creature!

Rif: Hey, I’m standing right here. Knock it off!

Goon: Can it! You’re startin’ to piss me off, ya little runt! A Stray settin’ up a workshop and playing at bein’ a Craftknight needs to be run out of town—or better yet, kicked!

Creep: You think because you fancy yourselves smithy artists, that makes you better than us? Maybe we should start by putting you in your place, face-down in the dirt. Stray’s lackey!

Rif: (getting annoyed) Enough! You’re really starting to tick me off!

???: What is the problem here?

Rif: Huh?

Goon: Lemmy…

Lemmy: Did you not hear me? You are blocking the path, so kindly take this racket elsewhere.

Goon: Oh, come on. You hate this brat too, don’t you?
     -We just figured we’d do our Master a favor by pounding the comrade of the Stray that hurt ’im into the ground.

Lemmy: The Stray Summon’s comrade, is it…
    -Certainly, a person like that cannot be forgiven. By all means, ‘pound’ away…

Rif: You too?!

Lemmy: However, you must desist.
     -If you were to stir up such a pointless racket here, you would only end up tarnishing the dignity of Bostaph’s Workshop.

Goon: Nuh…

Lemmy: This goes for the rest of you, as well. Know that I am warning you only on Master Bostaph’s behalf.

Goon: Tch…! I got it.

(Goon and Creep disappear into workshop)

Lemmy: And just what are you still doing here? Didn’t I already say that you are blocking the path?

Rif: Excuse me? How rude can you get…

???: Lemmyyyyyy!

(A kid runs up)

Rif: Huh?! Where did—?!

Lemmy: Zakk, what are you…

Zakk: You can’t keep running off! You’re not feeling that well, right? If you don’t get enough rest…

Lemmy: I’m fine. I managed to get some rest.

Rif: Is that right…? So your face looks so awful because you’re not feeling well, is that it?

Zakk: What was that! Wait, aren’t you the Stray Summon’s apprentice?!
    -Is it a bad habit of Stray Summon’s apprentices to always go around picking on people for no reason? I’ll beat you up if you keep being mean to Lemmy!

Rif: Not you too…

Lemmy: Ugh… enough of this… (begins walking away)

Zakk: Aah! Wait for me, Lemmy! (hurries after him)

Rif: What on earth is wrong with those people? I mean, seriously!
    -Aaahh, just forget it! Who cares! I’m going back home!

//The only real difference playing as Ritch in this scene is that he is not nearly as polite as Rif is.//

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