Monday, October 14, 2013

Day Eight, Part Nine

After Rif and Killfith win against Red Wing…

Rif: Whew… thank goodness we somehow made it through that…
    -I can’t believe we got to fight against Red Wing…

Lemmy: I’m not going to thank you just for doing whatever you want.

Rif: I don’t really want to be thanked. Besides, we could only defeat him because you fought with him first.

Lemmy: Eh?

Killfith: In other words, that Red Wing joker was severely weakened from his fight with you… tch… took all the fun out of it.

Rif: Which means Red Wing was only defeated thanks to the combined efforts of you, Killfith, and me—

???: Rif…! Killfith…!

Lemmy: Sounds like everyone’s making a racket.

Rif: Heeyy! We’re over heere!


(The whole gang rushes in, consisting of Jade, V.E, Tier, and Zakk)

Jade: Don’t you know how to wait! I mean, it’s a relief you’re okay, but geez! Anyway—

Tier: Rif! Killfith! Are you all right?!

V.E: For the time being, it looks like you’re safe. That’s good, at least.

Zakk: Lemmy! So you were here!

Lemmy: Zakk, you too…?!

Jade: Anyway, you guys should fall back and leave the rest to me! ’Cuz after all—

Zakk: That’s right! We should go, Lemmy! It’s really dangerous!

Tier: Hurry hurry! If we don’t run away, it’s going to suck up our blood and eat us!

V.E: (?) Wait, where is Red Wing hiding, anyway? I’m not sensing him at all…

Jade: I guess Red Wing was smart enough to beat it once he heard me coming, considering—

Rif: Oh, Red Wing? Yeah, we knocked him out just now.

Jade: (annoyed) Let me finish a sentence already!
    -Wait, what? You knocked him out?!

Zakk: As expected of Lemmy! I wish I could’ve seen your battle!

Lemmy: Ah… no… actually, I didn’t finish off Red Wing…

Tier: Are you trying to tell me Rif and Killfith did it?!

Rif: Well, as much as I’d like to take the credit, that’s not quite how it happened.
    -Actually, Red Wing was defeated by all three of us.
    -Right, Lemmy?

Lemmy: (stunned) …

V.E: I see. You guys did very well. You managed to grab a huge victory thanks to the power of your friendship.

Lemmy: (blushing) Wha?! No! There’s no friendship or anythi—

Jade: So I guess you really managed to get rid of him… but it’s too bad for you guys, since it means—

V.E: Guess this means it would’ve been fine to capture that lot just now, huh?

Jade: This just isn’t my day…

Rif: You ran into Anise?

V.E: I wanted to capture them right then, but since I thought you were being attacked by Red Wing…

Lemmy: You had to let them go… even though we heard their plans after so much trouble…
    -They deceived Master Bostaph. I absolutely cannot let them get away with this… I need to hurry and notify him.

Jade: Do you mean that, Lemmy? If you want to testify against them, then you should come with us to the Council of Gold and—
    -Ah… sorry… I forgot that Miss Janna’s…

Lemmy: It’s fine, Mr. Jade. It’s between my mother and I, so you don’t have to worry about it.
    -Let’s hurry to the Council of Gold.

(Multiple exclamation points!)

Rif: Wait, back up a second! Did you say your mother?!

Tier: Y-you and Janna… now that I think of it, you do look like you could be her son…

Lemmy: I do…?


-After that, we went to the Council of Gold and explained the situation.
-With Lemmy backing us up, even Bostaph believed that Anise and her gang are up to no good.
-Thanks to that, any suspicions about Murno have also been cleared up, and in order to protect Govan’s Demon Stone, they agreed that Anise and her gang have to be apprehended.
-Although I wanted to go out and settle everything once and for all, I felt Anise’s words weighing down in my chest…

Rif: (…) Could Master Rob have been a murderer?
    -There’s no way it could be true… just no way…
    -(?) Looks like someone’s coming this way. Maybe it’s…


  1. I really appreciate you doing this! I hope somebody notices this and encodes it in the game. I've wanted to play for years now. :)

  2. Hello. Nice work! This brings back good memories! I now remember when I played this part for the first time and and found out that the nickname of a "Get-Backers" anti-hero translated to Red Wing. So, during my reading, I was asking my self "what the hey is that Council-of-Gold-thing they are talking about?" just now I noticed this is about the Kin no Habatsu! Man, Atlus translation sure was weird...

  3. Its complete! The script, we need to know how insert it