Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Six, Part Eight

(Side Conversation)
Rif: The Summon Creature Lord Nushi should be down two levels, so let's hurry and rescue Murno!

Killfith: I wonder if that apparition of Tier will appear again...

Rif: You said it “wasn't a person,” so I wonder if it'll be okay…

Killfith: It doesn't matter what it was. If it shows up again, we'll finish it off again, simple as that.

Further ahead, they come upon an area that appears empty until…

???: Rif...!

Rif: What? Wasn't that Master's voice...?

Killfith: ... Do you think you heard the real thing this time?

Rif: (!)
    -What...? Somebody's there now…

Behold! Two familiar faces this time.

Rif: Master?! Aniki?! What on earth are you doing here?!

V.E: What are you talking about! We'd all decided to come here and rescue you guys!

Jade: Come on, it's our job to protect you! Hey, you're not hurt, are you?

Rif: Ah... no, we're just fine, but Murno...

V.E: What happened to Murno?

Rif: There's this Summon Creature called Lord Nushi, and they're going to give her to him as food…

Jade: I gotcha. You can leave the rest up to us. Meanwhile, you guys head back!

Rif: But...!

Killfith: She's already given her word that she will protect Murno.

Jade: I understand how you guys must feel, but from here on out, it'll only get more dangerous, and I can't just let you go without saying anything.

V.E: You can leave the rest up to us, can't you? You already had us worried enough as it is...

Rif: But I...
    -I don't want them to worry, so we'll go back.  >Obedience
    -We have to keep going so we can protect Murno.  >Disobedience

Rif: I understand... we'll go back. Please, be sure to rescue Murno for us...

V.E: Good! Thatagirl!

Jade: Just leave everything up to us. You guys just be sure not to come near here a second time...

Rif: Aniki... Master...  >Back to the Beginning

Rif: But I would still be worried about Murno! So, let me come with you to save her!

Jade: (narrows eyes) Why you... it sounds like you don't believe we can do it.

V.E: You almost sound like you enjoy making us worry... really, what an awful thing to say…

Rif: N—no, that's not what I—

V.E: Such a disrespectful apprentice needs to be re-educated, don't you think?

(Cue fight with both V.E and Jade)

Rif: (?) What is this...? The feeling I’m getting from these two is completely wrong…

(And thus they disappear)

Rif: What?! You mean again...?

Killfith: I knew something was wrong with the surges flooding this place. Do you think they're what’s causing the illusions?

Rif: I don't have a clue, but whether this place gives us the creeps or not is beside the point. We have to keep moving forward!

(Side Conversations)
Rif: The Summon Creature Lord Nushi should be down two levels, so let's hurry and rescue Murno!

Killfith: Heh… with everything we've faced till now, I wonder what illusion we get to fight next? This should be fun.

Rif: So long as it's someone weak, that's fine with me.

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