Friday, January 28, 2011

Day Four, Part Two

V.E: See? We got out of there all right, and now we're at the Town of Prosban.

Rif: Hmm... we made it at last.

Tier: Are you tired already? Wow, what a sloth.

Rif: You... whose fault do you think it is?

(And then a bunch of Strays pop up out of nowhere)

Murno: Kyaa!

Killfith: Tch! Can’t believe I didn’t notice them!

Rif: Let's go!

(Fights a Chapeau and two Hats, I am not kidding those are their names)

V.E: Is everyone all right?

Tier: Of course!

Rif: Murno? Were you hurt?

Murno: I'm all right. Thank you.

Rif: That's good.

Killfith: Honestly… it’s about time you both made up.

Man: I heard someone fighting nearby!

(People walk up, one of them Jade-looking)

Jade: Argh! You guys have to be careful! Lately people around here have been ambushed by a large herd of huge Strays!

V.E: Yeah, well if that was the herd just now, we defeated the lot of them. If they thought today was their lucky day, they got handed a severe disappointment.

Jade: Then it was you guys we heard just now... man, it must not be my day either since I just missed it, but I guess it's too late to complain now.
    -But as for disappointments, I'd say you're the ones who got landed with that, considering...
    -You didn't get to see my magnificence in battle.

V.E: Uh-huh, right.

Man: It looks like we weren't needed here after all... we'll go back to our rounds.

Man: We’ll leave the rest up to you, Jade.

Jade: Understood. I’ve got it covered.

Tier: So that means your job is to exterminate Stray Summons, right?

Jade: Yeah, I’m a member of this town's Patrol Unit. My job's to take down any Strays that appear in this area.

Tier: What an opportunity…! It’s wonderful!

Killfith: This kid... her aura just turned up.

Tier: Hey, Mr. Ja~ade…

Jade: Wh-what is it?

Tier: I’ll accept that attack fee now. ♥

Jade: What attack fee?

Tier: Well, I did just do your job for you. Isn't it only natural I'd be paid?

V.E: I see now. That's a pretty good point, isn't it?

Jade: Hold on, V.E… even if you say you want money, I can't give out rewards for handling Strays.

Tier: But if we don't receive any money, how are we supposed to earn a living? People who beat up Strays need to eat too, don’t you agree?

Jade: Don't be an idiot. Sure, the Patrol Unit's maintenance costs come out of the Council of Gold...
    -But that's a special allowance we get only occasionally and only to help us protect the town.

Murno: The Council of Gold… that must be the Summoner's Sect…

Rif: Huh?

Tier: Well if that's the case, then that means we just protected the town in your place, right, and so shouldn't we get a special allowance, too?

Jade: If you really want to get something, you shouldn't be talking to me.
    -But you should realize that the Council of Gold keeps a pretty strict hold on their money.

Tier: You don't know if you've never tried it! Who would I have to talk to?

Jade: Who, huh... would Velworen head these decisions... No, you'd probably want to go with Ms. Janna.

Murno: ...!

Tier: In that case, where would I find this Janna person...

Murno: By Velworen, did you mean of the house of Lingwall? He lives in this town?!

Jade: Huh...? Yeah, that's him. Mr. Velworen Lingwall... what, do you know him?

Murno: Uh, well... that is, I just want to meet him...

Jade: Want to meet? What on earth are you...

Tier: This is perfect! In any case, we should go to the Council of Gold and see if we can negotiate with them in person!

Murno: Well, I don’t know if that…

Tier: It'll be fine! I'll be right behind you the whole way! Let's get going!

Jade: Fine! Go wherever you want! At any rate I’ve gotta head over there and report this incident.

Tier: Right, right.

V.E: In that case, I'll leave these kids to you. I need to go find Bostaph.

Rif: What about me, then?

V.E: You stick with Murno for now. And if something comes your way, don’t do anything.

Rif: I’m not going to do anything!

Killfith: Naturally.

Rif: Hey, what do you mean by ‘naturally?!’

Killfith: If we go with them, will you protect Murno?

Rif: Ah, I see… yes, of course.

V.E: Well then, Jade, I'll leave the rest in your hands.

Jade: You got it, just leave it to me. Good luck, V.E.

V.E: Yeah.
    -(she leaves)

Jade: I'll head off too, so anybody who's coming, don't fall behind.

(And everyone follows)

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