Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day Eight, Part Two

(Scene fades back in with Eliez running up to the workshop)
Eliez: I'm ba~ack!
    ‑(goes inside)
    ‑Is everyone still not here yet?

(Inside the Council of Gold)

Rif: … And that's everything.

Bostaph: …

Rif: Um…

Velworen: (while looking at the demon stone) So perhaps Govan's Demon Stone really is concealing such extraordinary powers…
    -I can’t believe that something so amazing was hidden in that Mishews Village!

Jade: Do you mean the Council of Gold already knew about that village?

Janna: Around the time this town was established, we sent out a thorough investigation of this area. That was when we discovered it.
    ‑However, since we believed the village had very little worth, we refrained from getting too involved.

Velworen: At that time, I was sent to this town to offer our greetings.
    ‑I discovered some rather interesting ruins. I've lost count of how many times I’d wandered through them.
    -But after the deaths of Rob and the others, I was no longer permitted to enter them…

Janna: In any case, what you’re saying is that if we return this demon stone to your village, the Stray Summons should settle down.

Jade: Except Anise's gang is trying to get their hands on it.

Velworen: It's hard to believe they’re such evil people… what will you do, Bostaph?

Bostaph: What shall I do, you ask...? I don't intent to do anything.

V.E: (annoyed) Hold on, what are you—

Bostaph: I have a contract with her group. Unless you can offer me definitive proof, I see no reason to doubt them.

V.E: That ‘group’ laid hands on my precious apprentices! Are you really going to stand up for those creeps?

Bostaph: As long as they continue to bring down Stray Summons, yes.

Killfith: Wake up. Those cretins…

Bostaph: Silence!

(Le shock!)

Bostaph: A Summon Creature should keep his mouth shut!

Killfith: …!

Janna: (…) Certainly, Bostaph does have a point.
    -It would not be good to rake these people over the coals simply on these children’s word.

Rif: But that…!

Janna: (To Bostaph) I am sorry to ask this so bluntly, but we will need you to put together a dossier of the party in question.

Bostaph: I am not of such poor principles that I would betray those I have a contract with. I will not do as you ask.
    -Excuse me.

(Bostaph leaves)

V.E: Hold on a minute there!

Jade: Forget it, V.E! Bostaph’s not gonna listen to anything we say right now.

V.E: … Tch! I suppose making a move in public would only make a scene.

Jade: That’s right. First things first, we should try to do some of our own investigating.

Janna: I think it would be good for you not to forget your job as a member of the Patrol Unit. The damage caused by Strays has been increasing.

Jade: You really know how to rub salt in it, don’t you? That’s fine, though. I get what you’re saying.

Murno: (…) Um… if that’s everything, then the demon stone…

Velworen: Ah, sorry, of course.

(Govan’s Demon Stone has been returned to Murno)

Janna: Hold on! Why are you returning it? If we had a little longer to inspect it, then…

Velworen: But if we have this in our possession, we will also end up being targeted…

Janna: Ah… I-I suppose… all right then.

    -(to Murno) But will you be all right, Ms. Murno? Until Anise and her gang’s identity comes to light…
    -I also have my doubts about whether you manipulated Summon Strays, since the details are not perfectly clear yet.

Murno: …

Janna: From your explanation today, it seems that we will not have to place you under arrest, but please be sure to exercise some prudence in the future.
    -In accordance with the aforementioned conclusion, we expect that you will offer us Govan’s Demon Stone at another time so that we might inspect it.

Murno: Yes, ma’am…

Janna: Then, we are adjourned for the day.

(fade to black)

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