Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day Three, Part Two

(Rif and V.E fight; Rif wins)

Rif: I did it!

Murno: Amazing! Rif!

V.E: Dammit... for me to have actually lost…
     -Seems that passively lying around like a dog in the summertime has dulled my skills. How pathetic…

Rif: Master, it's only because you're injured…

Killfith: Honestly, get a grip... between the you right now and how you were back then, it's no contest.
     -Unless you think you can get that bad just by passively taking care of the house for a short while?

V.E: Heh... Thank you, Killfith. That was very sweet of you.

Killfith: N—no it wasn’t! Don't be an idiot!

V.E: Regardless of the circumstances, the two of you had sufficient strength to win against me.
    -You've become strong, Rif.

Rif: Tha... Thank you, Master!

V.E: It’s probably thanks to Killfith, though.

Killfith: Hmph... obviously.

Rif: What's that supposed to mean?!

V.E: However, since you were able to win against me, I suppose I'll have to let you guys tag along.

Rif: Master...

V.E: If that's all settled, then you guys better get ready to leave soon. Murno too.

Murno: I'm already prepared, Miss V.E.

V.E: Good work, Murno! Then let's head off to the gate. Don't doddle, Rif.

Rif: Got it! We'll meet at the gate!

(They begin to walk away, but V.E stops abruptly and sweatdrops)

V.E: Tssaah~… I just realized, it wasn’t just Rif, but Killfith and Murno…
     -I was taking on the sword-edge of three different people’s desires. No wonder it had such an enormous force… although…
    -It seems like that kid has found someone to fight for. I’ll bet you’re happy too, Rob…

Murno: Um… Miss V.E?

V.E: Ah, sorry, I got distracted. Let’s go, shall we?

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Okay! We have to make sure we're all set to go to the Town of Prosban!

Killfith: Then why do you keep slowing us down?

Rif: That's right, Murno's waiting at the gate, too.

Killfith: It—it has nothing to do with her!

In the next area, Rif is mysteriously drawn to a glowing blue sword to endure a series of informative blurbs.

Info: If you use the item “Portal Shard” inside of a dungeon, you can instantly return to the portal in the last village or town you visited.
     -To go back to the dungeon, simply face the activated portal and push the A button and you will return to wherever you left off.
     -An activated portal is good for one round trip, and will shut down once you leave the village or town.

(In front of the Gate)

V.E: Are you ready to go?

    -I was born ready!  >Road Trip!
    -Um, just wait a bit longer…

Road Trip!
V.E: Then it’s time to depart. Ready, Murno?

Murno: Yes.

V.E: Then as I've asked, Rif, Killfith.

Rif: Right!

Killfith: Tch... how annoying.

V.E: All right. Let's go!

Rif: Sweet!

(Bazan Forest)

Info: This teleporter, when activated, can be used to instantaneously move from place to place.
    -To activate, simply stand above the teleporter and push the A button to strike it with your hammer.
    -This particular teleporter is currently not activated.

(Side Conversation)
V.E: Set your sights on the Town of Prosban! Now, everyone, the road leading up to town may look nice, but don't forget there are Strays everywhere.

Rif: Master, if you have no sense of direction, how are we ever going to get there?
    -All of that time spent training for the match would've been a waste if we just got lost.

V.E: What are you talking about! I already told you, that was only a test!

Rif: I know, I know. This time it was just a test, but we can do the real thing later!

V.E: Geez, what am I gonna do with you...

Murno: I'm starting to get a little concerned...

Killfith: Just try to ignore them.

They eventually come upon a fallen bridge...

Rif: Aniki did say the bridge had collapsed...

V.E: It must have been pretty terrible, huh. The earthquake, I mean.

Murno: Even to this kind of place…

Killfith: Murno...

Rif: I guess it can't be helped. We'll just have to find a detour.

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