Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day Two, Part Five

In front of Bostaph’s Workshop, we find some familiar faces.

Rif: Not you guys again… what is it now? I’m in kind of a hurry.

Goon: I heard the little Stray’s Disciple went off to help exterminate the Stray.
    -Sounds to me like two steps from turnin’ cannibal.

Rif: What did you say!

Goon: Wanna make something of it?

Killfith: Hmph… Your Aniki had a pretty good point…

Rif: Oh, so this is what he meant.
    -Sorry, but it looks like we don’t have time to deal with you.

Goon: … What’s that mean?

Rif: It means that the only people who taunt those weaker than them are half-grown amateurs.

Goon: Argh! ‘Taunt somebody weaker,’ you’re just tryin’a look smart!

Rif: Hey, won’t Lemmy come out again if you make too much of a racket?

Goon: … Shit!

(They run off)

Rif: Shall we go?

Killfith: Whatever you want…

(Down the stairs)

Rif: Huh? What’s that Murno looking at?

Cue picture of an shiny, peculiar trinket.

Murno: (!) Ah, Rif! Welcome back home. I also just got back from the Chief’s house.
     -You know that “Prohibition of Love Strategy?” With Miss V.E’s amazing performance backing me up, it was a huge success.
    -Actually, the chief was so moved, I felt a little bad for lying…

Rif: Seriously?! That’s good! Frankly, I’m a little surprised it went so well.
    -(It looks like Murno had fun, too. I’m really glad…)
    -Why are you out here, by the way?

Murno: Well… Just now, this scary man came to see V.E, but he said that the conversation was none of my business.

Rif: He kicked you out?

Murno: He didn’t, but… it was difficult to stay inside.

Rif: Honestly, he can be such a thug sometimes…

Killfith: I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on him! He’s an enemy!

Rif: Aniki’s not an enemy!

Killfith: Tch…

Rif: What… are you still not satisfied?
    -Then let’s give him a warning for kicking Murno out.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: I can’t believe he said something so mean to Murno! We have to tell him that’s not okay.

Killfith: Tell him it’s not okay? Pathetic. The first thing we should do is rearrange that eyesore of a face.

Rif: Tha—that’s terrible! Don’t say that!

Rif: Aniki, you said something terrible to Murno just now and…

V.E: What do you mean, Stray Summon hunting?!

Rif: Eh?!

Jade: Yeah, something like that. Looks like until he’s achieved his goal, he’s hired this rotten bunch to wander around in searches.
     -Is it because of the recent earthquakes? Seemed like there were a lot of people setting out then, too…

V.E: Is his memory that bad? Because it’s starting to sound like he’s already gone senile.
    -Saying that he will avenge Rob’s death…!

Rif: (!) Avenge Master Rob?!

Jade: I guess it can’t be helped. Bostaph and Rob were close friends, after all…

V.E: Close friends, huh…

Jade: They’re saying it’s to put an end to all the damage that Stray Summons have been doing near the town lately, but that’s just a cover.
    -Only, since it involves Bostaph, I figured you’d want to know about it.

V.E: I see… I guess it’s not over, then. And now that I’m aware of it, I can’t very well ignore it.

Jade: Yeah… that might’ve been the first time I apologized to you.

V.E: You were always apologizing, though.

Jade: How dare you… you haven’t changed at all… but I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    -So. What do you want to do about this?

V.E: It would probably be best to meet with Bostaph. We’ll have to go to town.


V.E: What in blue blazes?

Rif: I want to help with the Stray Summon hunting too! I want to avenge Master Rob!

Jade: Avenge Master Rob… what are you talking about, kid?

Rif: I said before I’ve been training and I’ve gotten stronger! And if you’re going to avenge Master Rob…

Jade: Training? Gotten stronger? You still don’t know what you’re talking about. Were you really Master Rob’s apprentice?

Rif: You’re the one who doesn’t understand. I could show you my strength right now in a match!

Jade: Match?! Like a half-pint could be so great! Your ‘strength’ would only get in the way. A runt like that should be disqualified as a Craftknight!
    -Honestly… what would Rob say if he were alive?

V.E: Hold on a minute!

Jade: What?

V.E: No one treats Rif like an idiot without first getting my consent!

Jade: Hey, hey, it’s not like I went that far…

Rif: Heheh.

V.E: What are you laughing about!
    -(runs over and smacks Rif over the head)

Rif: Owwie…!

V.E: A runt is still a runt! Didn’t I already tell you not to lower yourself looking for revenge?!
    -This is why you’re still a kid.

Rif: But…

V.E: You will stay here and train hard! Is that understood?

Rif: That…

???: KYAAA!!!

Killfith: That was Murno! (runs out)

V.E: What’s going on out there?!

(They exit)

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