Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Night Zero - V.E

V.E: Yo, Rif.
    -Out here again, huh?

Rif: Yeah. After everything that’s happened, I just thought I’d come out here to cool my head off, you know?

V.E: Ahaha, I didn’t know you were running a fever.

Rif: Quit joking around!
    -Ah, that reminds me. Master, thanks for letting Murno and Killfith stay with us.

V.E: What are you thanking me for?

Rif: Well, I was thinking, since they didn’t have anywhere to go, that they might have ended up in a pretty bad way if we threw them out.

V.E: I see… but that’s because I doubted anyone else would understand the hardship of not even having the hope of somewhere to go.
     -You see, over time I’ve realized that there really isn’t a place in this world for Stray Summons…

Rif: Master…

V.E: Anyway! That doesn’t have anything to do with this. So long as you can lift your arm and forge, you’ll be fine!
    -And even if we can no longer be at Rob’s side, at least you know I’ve got your back.

Rif: Master…

V.E: By they way, Rif. Don’t you know? ‘The hand that gives also gathers.’
     -What goes around, comes around! If you do good things, good things will eventually come back to you. Karma’s pretty amazing that way.

Rif: Huhh…

V.E: In other words, we managed to snag you someone to help increase your skills as a Craftknight…
    -… and, if all goes according to plan, someone to help us reel us in a lot of cash!

Rif: Whaat?

V.E: ‘Whaat?’ Wrong answer! Your goal is to surpass Rob!
    -And to do that, you have to be tough enough to defeat me, at the very least!

Rif: I see.
    -Don’t worry. I’ll become strong enough for sure!

V.E: All right, that’s the spark I’m looking for!
     -For starters, the two of you need to establish a relationship of trust. Both of you will have to work hard until you can rely one another completely.

Rif: Yeah!
     -Establish a mutual trust… which means I’ll have to trust Killfith, too… I guess that’s what she’s saying.

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