Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Six, Part Twelve

(After the Phantom Dragon is defeated)

Phantom Dragon: Mraaahh…

Rif: Looks like it's settled down.
    -Uh... Killfith, why did you change back?

Killfith: … I'm tired.

Anise: Why?! Why did you go so easy on them? Why didn't you kill them?!

Tram: Lord Nushi was testing them. He has no desire to exercise his full power on those who are not evil.

Anise: What are you trying to say?! Would you actually believe this Summon Creature's verdict over mine?!

Tram: ‘This Summon Creature,’ is it…

(The path returns and a several people run into the underground palace)

Rif: Murno!

Murno: Rif!

Tram: Gallahan... why did you bring that girl here?

Gallahan: No, you see, she was in such a state, asking so desperately, that I, well...
    -In any case, I don't think they're bad kids, do you?

Anise: That's not for you to decide...!

Gallahan: Why don't you try listening to their story, if you feel that way?
    -Well, Miss Jail-Breaker, are you going to explain to us why you came all the way out here?

Rif: Of course!

(fade to black)

Rif: … And that's it, I think.

Anise: Are you actually trying to say that I'm the one who orchestrated all of this? Ha! That's ridiculous.
    -First and foremost, why do you automatically declare me to be the only suspect? If you ask me, Gallahan seems rather suspicious, as well.

Gallahan: What did you say? That’s outrageous!

Anise: Is it? For someone who lives in this village, you seem to be awfully close to these children. Not to mention…
    -If I’m not mistaken, you’re the only one in this village who would have had the time and opportunity to use a Sleep Bomb to knock the Prison Guard unconscious!

Gallahan: What are you talking about? I did no such thing!

Tram: Hold on a moment, Anise… how would you know such a thing?

Anise: What thing? What are you talking about?

Tram: That a Sleep Bomb was used. How would you know that?

Anise: Wha—what do you mean, this kid just said…


Anise: Kh...!

Tram: On the contrary, from my understanding of her story, one would need to be at the actual scene of the crime in order to know such a thing…
    -Sorry, Anise, but I'll need to hear a detailed explanation for all this.

Anise: Tram...!

Tram: I want you to think before offering any resistance. I don’t want to force my men to handle you roughly.

Anise: …
    -(resigned) All right. But don't think I've lost to you just yet…

Tram: I expected better of you, Anise…

Anise: As did I. I made just one false step and my entire strategy came crashing down...
    -(to Rif) I'll be sure to kill you for this!

Rif: Wha! Wait a sec!

(Murno, infuriated, runs up to Anise and slaps her across the face)

Murno: Why you...! It's because of you that we were—

Anise: Ha! So it’s the victim’s turn to stare down the villain, huh? I guess as long as you have these people to protect you, you don’t have to worry about not being able to handle that demon stone of yours…

Tram: (...) I really did expect better of you. Your heart is truly dyed in Voijin's colors…
    -Enough of this! Take her to her cell!

(Anise is escorted away)

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