Monday, June 20, 2011

Night Seven - V.E

V.E: Oh for pity's sake…
    -What are you doing out here? Didn't I already say you could take it easy for the rest of the day?

Rif: But after eating the stew you made, I'm full of energy! Master’s stew is the best!

V.E: You guys were so hungry when you got back, I could practically see right through you. I'm glad I could whip something up for you.
    -Sorry you ended up with so many vegetables.

Rif: If it meant that Murno could get a little more meat, I don't mind. Besides, I just felt like coming out here and patrolling a bit…

V.E: By patrolling, you wouldn't mean that you're looking for Anise's comrades, are you?

Rif: Of course! I know for sure they're going to target Murno again!

V.E: Sounds like you're trying to beef up this town's security all by your lonesome. But is that really necessary?

Rif: Yeah... but, with just me…

V.E: You never go half-way with anything, do you? It’s just like that cat Randy we used to feed way back.

Rif: What on earth does that cat have to do with this?!

V.E: Everything! Because both of you suddenly disappeared! Who do you think has to worry when something like that happens?

Rif: I—I see... I'm sorry…

V.E: So at the very least, be good and stay home for tonight. Tomorrow we'll explain the situation to everyone.

Rif: Yeah... it's just that whenever I start to think about this stuff, I can't get to sleep…

V.E: If that's all, then you should just snuggle up with me and I could sing you a lullaby. In fact, I can think of a really good rock 'n' roll lullaby—

Rif: Umm... somehow I don't think that would help me fall asleep…


  1. I'm glad your back on this project. I started playing the game last week and already got to Night 7. I'll be looking forward to the rest of your translation, and thanks for doing it.

  2. nice dude keep work, u are the best,by the way what your twitter for update and just talking? i will follow u :)